Newbie planning hydroponics grow, help please!

Hi everyone!

I’m totally new at this and was planning on starting my first “crop” as soon as I can gather all the necessary supplies. I would like to get some feedback from the experts for a push in the right direction. My only choice is to go indoors, and from what I have read hydroponics seems to be the best way to go.
I was thinking of getting “grandma’s secret garden” box which says it can do 9 plants. It comes with 125w cfl, is that enough power for 9 plants? If not would I be able to just buy a bigger bulb? I don’t know if the balast it comes with can handle something bigger?

As far as strain, I wanted something with a relatively high yield, good for indoors, and forgiving for beginners. I read white widow and northern lights fit this description?

Nutrients, I wanted to try Robert’s but not sure about compatability with hydroponics and measurements?

Would love to hear back from the more experienced here on these questions. If you have other suggestions on equipment, nutrition, strain etc.


I’m sure they mean 9 seedlings. It’s only 3 feet tall. I think it’s made for only 1 plant maybe 2. That is just me thoughts. How many plants you want to grow at one time?

Hi Tom,
I would like to grow 9, LOL. Looking at the details on some of the strains mentioned, some are in the high 20 to high 30 inch range. I thought those would be OK in 36 inches height of the box. I know you have to take into consideration the space the light will take up at the top, but it also mentions the plants have room to bend at the top. I don’t know, like I said I’m new to this. Interested in hearing back from you guys.


@danh18, while some of the strains list growth of 10" - 36", you also must consider that some strains may be quite bushy, and wide.

Additionally, hybrids can take on different characteristics of their genetics. As an example, I have three Strawberry Kush growing in a 40"x40" x72" tent, which gives me ~1 square meter. One of the three plants, still in veg is up to almost 2 feet high. Once you factor in that plants are likely to get a good deal taller when switching to flower, combining that with the distance the LED needs to be from the canopy, and I’m concerned that my light may go as high up as I can place it, and may need to train the one plant, in order to keep it from getting too close to the light.

While this is just my opinion, I would suggest fewer plants, and then training them to maximize the width of the canopy.

Some folks have posted some great techniques here, to show how to increase yield through training.

Good luck in the grow. It’s definitely a learning experience.

Hi again I know you want to grow nine plants, I think you need to look into a grow tent if you want to grow nine plants at same time. As for strain if you look in the seed shop you can click on what you want. Then read the details. I’m sorry that this is not what you want to hear. Maybe Mac or latewood will chime in to help you more. @latewood or @MacGyverStoner

Yup,I agree, you should not try to grow 9 cannabis plants in a box like that. Even the smallest strains will easily outgrow that box. We have had many people actually buy those types of boxes and then come to this forum with crowding issues.

Even one plant heavily trained would be difficult in that box.

It is strange they promote the box for 9 plants. I would talk to them about their box and see what they reccomend. We do not warranty or support those boxes, all that comes from their own supplier, even though we have a deal with Dealzer to advertise here, in the end it is a different business, and ILGM does not support how to grow in the box nor necessarily recommend growing in them.

Even small auto flowers can easily get to about 2 feet wide, easily. To me, the only way to reasonably grow in a box like that is with a sea of green clones, which means you need another space to grow a decently large mother to take 9 equal size cuttings from and then flower them almost immediately in that box. which is a bit of an advanced technique for someone so new.

I’d recommend downloading the free e-book, and do other research and decide how and what you need to do to grow the way that will fit your needs the best.

Happy growing,


Thanks for all the feedback guys. I guess I just read their specs of 9 plants, being the newbie I am, and automatically assumed that was possible in a box like this.
I’m thinking maybe I should invest in a taller box then to give the plants more room to grow, and count on not crowding as many plants in there as they claim.

Thanks again

Do some searching online for a grow tent they come in a lot different sizes.
Good luck. Tom

I agree with above statement that you can read details about any strain we have and decide what you need.

I also would advise against trying 9 plants in a grow tent, especially if you are a newbie. You should try 4-5 at most.

I have a 4’x4’x7’ tent, and I would not try to grow 9 plants from seed in that space. It is too small. I would advise you to use a room if you want to go that big.

However; If you can afford a 4’x8’ tent, you could grow 9. I still think it is advisable to start a bit smaller until you experience 1-2 successful grows. :slight_smile:

thanks latewood. I thought about the idea of a tent, in most cases they are actually cheaper then the boxes, or at least you seem to get more bang for the buck. What I was mainly concerned with was keeping it stealth. I have a garage which I could fit a good size tent, but I am concerned a nosy family member or friend will wonder in there and start asking questions, you know what I mean? That’s why I liked the idea of the boxes, I could keep that in a corner of my bedroom and avoid that issue, mostly. But I guess I will have to figure something else out.

Thanks again for all the feedback everyone!

That is a perfect way to look at things. Never tell anyone. No one can come into your house and bust your stash if there is no proof that you grow. :slight_smile: