Newbie Outdoor grow

Hi guys,

I’ve started my first grow ever and doing it outdoors. I started with a load of old seeds, have no clue what they were but stuck em in pots anyways. Out of 18 seeds I only managed to successfully germinate 2 of them which are now at 8 weeks. I’m assuming they are not autoflowers at this stage? Will they flower on their own or will I need to help them along? They are between 21-24 inches high in 3 gal buckets and are fed tomato feed roughly once a week.

My next batch is Auto Blueberry. Out of 13 seeds, all germinated sucessfully but one was eaten fully by a feckin slug and another was partially eaten but has recovered since. These are now at just over 4 weeks and most of them recently transplanted to 3 gal buckets and compost added.
According to the info online regarding Auto Blueberry (, they were supposed to start flowering at 3 weeks but there is no sign of anything. Are they too small/measly right now or what?
Max height is 60cm for them so I presumed they would be a bit more bushier. I started them last week on tomato feed. The weather here isn’t great. Had a few weeks of some nice sun but lately it has been raining hard so had to keep the plants covered for the last 3 days or so. No drainage in the buckets but am going to monitor their water intake and not give them too much.

Planning on making a polythene covered timber frame to fit them all in and hide them amongst the copious amount of nettles surrounding me haha.

Any advice based on my set up? Thanks

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Ah, you sound British! Are you in the U.K.?

Can you pick up some fabric pots? Those will make a big difference in the health of the plant. If not; I would poke a crap-ton of holes in the bottom and up the sides of your buckets. 1/2" or so and 30 or 40 holes.

Be careful of the amount of water used; cannabis likes light airy dry soil. I would suggest looking up training techniques like LST or Supercrop. Both will make a difference in yields.

Plants, if not autos, will respond to the change of the length of day. Once you get below about 13 hours the plants will start to trigger into flower. You can find out what your day/night is at different times of the year pretty easily which will give you a tool to work with. If you are coming up against short days and cold temps you may have to artificially shorten your day/night cycle: bring them in under cover same time every night. Those autos will just do their thing.

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@Myfriendis410 Thanks for that. I’m Irish, so weather is usually crap here. Gonna keep with the buckets as I may need to move them around sometimes into sunny spots and out of prying eyes.
I hate poking holes in buckets haha. I’ll deffo have to do it with one of them because rain water flooded the bucket of one of the bigger plants so I’ll prob do that now. I put holes in the other big plant’s bucket but are prob way too small.
In regards to training I might try it on a few plants. I’ve zero experience in growing so I don:t wanna break anything.
In regards to the big plants, I might leave them another week or 2 before forcing them to flower, at the moment we’re getting about 15hrs of daylight.

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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You bet! If you are going to continue this you may want to consider picking up a PH meter and a TDS meter. Better to get individual digital meters and stay away from soil probe types unless spending money.

Using soil media optimized for tomatoes was wise although cannabis optimized soils will give you (generally) a smoother smoke. Go easy on the nutes and use high quality. I would advise staying away from Miracle Gro products and their like if possible.

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