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Hello, folks. I’m a new member and someone that is new to marijuana in general. I never even used it in high school or college but now find myself disabled with medical marijuana proving to be the best way to manage chronic pain. The dispensary in my state is pricey and, since I live on a fixed income, I decided to buy the ILGM Beginner Autoflower White Widow kit to save some money over time.

I need to buy the lights and other growing necessities but can probably only afford to do a little at a time. Since I’m growing indoors, I’ve got to start planning my space and determine how many plants to grow at once. I’ve done a lot of reading on the subject but I’m still unsure what I need.

On to my questions. If I get the BESTVA 1000W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Dual-Chip Growing Lamp from Amazon, how many plants would it support? The light says it’s for Hydroponics but will it work if I use soil?

I hope that I can get light on them to start them out, using the nutrients and such that came with the kit and grow them in my basement, so it sounds like I need a grow tent. What’s a good size for growing about 5 at a time? And what size buckets? If I go without a grow tent, just how badly will the plants smell…will the odor permeate the whole house?

Sorry for all of the questions but I naively thought that I was just growing regular plants. Even after reading the ILGM book, I thought it had to be easier than it seemed. Heck, even people in college dorms seemed to be able to grow it! Now I find myself worrying about the whole process and want to get it right while spending as little as possible.

Any and all help would be appreciated.



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That light would flower about a 2’x2’ space. For most people that’s 1 plant. You could apply some different growing methods and run more smaller plants, but that’s not typical.

What’s a better alternative on a strict budget? Will this light work well for them as seedlings?

Would work great for growing , pick up one more to flower. I flower 1 plant in a 4x4 with 2x1200 bestva elites and still going to make 4 50-100w cob’s for the corners. When you plants are flowering with the light 8"-10" off the top of your plants the lights foot-print will be very very very small, two lights help that “Will this light work well for them as seedlings?” just run it @36"

The grow stores in college towns tell of the fall freshman surge. Freshman away from home with rich daddy’s credit card, gets talked into buying the best of everything to grow. Around $3K…his new buddies talked him into financing a grow that will make them all rich, riding high smokers with gorgeous women all over them. 2 months later, his Master Grower buddy burns the crop to a crisp and Daddy goes ballistic when he sees the credit statement. The humiliated now wiser kid takes it all back and gets 25% of what he paid. Not many college dorms are successful grows.


A tent is the best way to control all light, air flow/smell and get a good harvest.
Shop Amazon or Ebay…you can find a good 4x4x8 tall tent for around $70 on sale.
Just an example…they have smaller ones that will cost almost the same.
Suggest you focus on Auto-Flowering-Fem’d seeds. They will mature in about 3 months. Not as large a harvest as regular photo periods…but, the regular will need a solid 5 months to get maximum harvest.
In the end, you choice depending on your needs. And available options.

Boards…Are you saying you have multiple plants in the same space but focus on flowering one at a time?

Sorry…still learning the lingo.

Tan…I did get autoflowers in the kit. It sounded like they are easier to grow.

Also, at what point do you move them into a tent? As soon as planted or after moving them into a bigger pot?

Auto’s will do ok in 3 gallon buckets. 5 gallon minimum for regular photoperiod.
Smell factor varies from strain to strain. Skunk name means just that, major skunky smell. Shop, ask questions and someone will recommend a low smell.
Your can start with just the light and go maybe 3 or 4 weeks without a tent. Once you have a tent…you will need exhaust fan and a temp/humidity monitor. Also a ph n ppm meter set…about $20. Good growing media is essential. AVOID prefertilized…best to have total control of what the Ladies will be feed.

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Thanks, Tan. How stinky is White Widow?

Sorry, no experience with White Widow.
Most plants will get about 8"+ in 3 to 4 weeks. That would be a good time for a tent.
Suggest you cruise Amazon…friend got a 6" fan, 12’ of duct, and a speed control for $40. Look at the black 6" fans…
Later if the smell gets too much…add a charcoal filter can. My friend did this and it was less expensive because he had time to shop around and pick up sales.

Suggest you post separate questions for more answers.
Example: which strain is less smell noticeable?

Right now all 3 tents @ 12/12 2x photos 3x autos, my count was off when I said 6. A 4x4 with 2x autos and a photo, 1x photo in a 3x3 and 1x auto in a 3x3. Want to grow just 1 photo in the 4x4 and 1 autoflower in the 3x3

You can do 6 to 8 plants in 5 gallon air pots in a 4x4x6 grow tent. Check Craigslist and offer up for growing supply before paying retail just like @tanlover442 said so many buy the good stuff mess up their crop and sell it all half price.
It’s cheaper to go with hps/mh lights to start and work your way up. I run 2 600w hps in my 4x4x6 grow tent.
The white widow is a low oder but i got female regular seeds not autos. Hope this helps you

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Budget wise you need to prioritize. #1- buy as good a light as you can. A decent starter light cob/ led can be had for Under $100. #2 - spend the money for Happy Frog or FF Ocean Forest soil and ya won’t have to buy nutes for a couple months. #3 - Honeywell fan. Everything else can wait. This will start you for $200


This has been really helpful, gang. Thank you.

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