Newbie Nute Problem

Hi all.

Have a slight issue, believe it to be Nitrogen Deficiency.

Plants are Purple Haze (unsure if fem or not), Pure Kush (fem), Gold Leaf (Fem/Autoflower)

They are all about about 7-8 weeks old.

Have been using the Flower Power Fertilisers that were sent to me with the starter kit, last time I fed was on Wednesday.

Usually water once a day/2 days if not needed.

PH is sitting around the 6-6.5 mark, have been testing water before watering.

Currently under a 600W MH light at around 1.5m high. Was previously under a 600W HPS light that was only changed last week (realised I was using the HPS instead of the MH)

Currently in a 1x1x2m grow tent.

Anyone have any suggestions? Is it Nitrogen Deficiency or something else? What should I do?

Over watering you only need to water them 2 times a week never water every day also make sure you water when soil is bone dry as well as water scedule should be nuits plain water then nuits so they should only get nuits like 1 time a week

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So no nutrient deficiency?

If I change up the watering schedule now should the plant recover?

@Kylethompson3598 yes 100% let her get bone dry no misting no water and she will recover

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@Kylethompson3598 also when you water u want to see 5-10% runoff from bottom of pots. Put enough water till you see water comeing out bottom. Best way is water let it soake in wait 2 min see if it comes out if not add more when you see water you are done feeding that plant

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Over watering and poor drainage killed one of my girls, thank goodness I found out my issue with help for awesome mentors on this forum before all my girls drowned.

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