Newbie Needs Help!🤪

Aloha Growers,
Gonna need some advice on this I’m growing in a 24x48x60 tent w/ a 1200w
Honorsen lights @28in from crown of plant top, (2)4in fans, 1 mini a/c
Cooling box, Temperature @78° & 45% humidity, I’m currently growing Alaskan
Thunder/AK47, HI-5 (HAWAIIAN) strain
in FoxFarms Ocean Forest medium.
Currently my PH meter just farted out of commission. It won’t measure properly and I’ve ran out of calibration solution.
So PH might be out of wack or not?
LMK what your thoughts and expertise advice is I’ll take’em all. Much Mahalo from the 808 State🤙🏾

Looks like it just needs more light.

The more light might be a bright idea! Also you might want to take it out of that container and see if your roots are dark and moldy. It could be from trying to recover from what is going on underneath. Transplant will tell a lot more. Put it in a more breathable container with a new medium! Happy growing my dude!

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Thank you for the input. I have since last pics. Now she’s doing as well as she could. Wish I reacted earlier in the grow but still learning. Here’s how she looks now.The smaller one got fried.


Appreciate it brahdah🤙🏾. I posted her recent pics. I’ll send more. But I have another problem might not be as serious but I’ve started clones from this girl and just noticed thst leVes and main stems have purple coloting going on. Any quick or necessary remedies are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Once again
from the 808 State🤙🏾

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