Newbie needs help with plants

First pic deals with my closet grow. These are Navana Seeds. The first row to the left is a crystal. The first row to the right is a ice. The second row to the left is also a crystal. The second row to the right is a white widow fr King Crop Seeds. I have been doing so much wrong with these girls. I have provided them with to much nutrients, The crystal and ice broke through the soil on Nov 05. White widow Nov 27. I started removing fan leafs when they were a few weeks old which caused them to stop growing. Then on top of everything I began fiming them and too often. The soil is 50% Pro Max and 50% perlite. I have may additional holes placed in the bottom of the pots since I am dealing with LED lights. Also added a few inches of clay balls and a couple pieces of landscape fabric before placing soil into my buckets. I figure this will help my plants dry out and breath better.

  • 150 w LED Trulite, 18 inches fr plants. Lights are on for 18 hrs a day.
  • PH run off id 5.8 and EC is at its highest reading. Not good.
  • after flushing them with water their EC reading is still really high.My EC is flashing at 3.6. What should I be doing next? They are in the same bedroom next to my tent.
  • Humidly when lights are on is between 45-50%.
  • Temp when lights are on are 80-85 degrees. Lights are on for 18 hrs a day.
  • Not sure of night time humidly or temp.
  • using a de-humidifier
    My girls have been through a lot of abuse. Are the still worth trying to save or have I screwed them up to much?
    Next pick is dealing with my grow tent.
    Strain type: Navanas seeds. The first row to the left is super skunk, The first row to the right is wonder woman. The second row to the left is a Master Kush. The second row to the right is AK 48.
  • Soil is around 50 % Pro Max and 50 % perlite. Also used clay balls in the bottom of my pots.
  • 180 w LED by Trulite. Height is 18 inches fr plants.
  • Ph run off for ss is 6.0, EC 1.7.
  • Ph run off for Master Kush is 6.0, EC 1.8
  • PH run off for wonder woman is 6.0, EC 1.7
  • Ph run off for AK48 is 6.0, EC 1.9
    These were my readings after I flushed my pant with PH water of 6.0.
  • Humidly when the lights are on is 45-50%.
  • Temp when lights are on is between 80-85 degrees
  • Night time temp and humidly I an not sure. I do not have a green light to check yet.
  • No ventilation system, just keep my bedroom door cracked.
  • No co2 is being used.
  • I am using a de-humidifier
    Nov 24 is when seeds broke through the soil. I have been using to high of a PH level. I have been using 6.7. Today is when I did my first PH run off and EC check. The super skunk is showing the most yellow and brown on her bottom leaf. I have started fiming way to early and way to much. So I am sure this has slowed down their growth. Its obvious that I have been using way to much nutrients. I have started using a PH of 6.0. Water temp 72 degrees. Any help with what I should be doing now is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time and input.

First thing you want to get each plant balanced in the right ranges of PH , but just to inform you , it’s going to get really crowded in that 2x2x6 tent with 4 plants , and that might not be enough lumens also for 4 plants to really put on massive wieght . Look like you using 5 gallon buckets , which is a very great choice , but with bigger roots , you get bigger fruits . You stated you film them excessively which might not have stunted them , most times when plants seems to stall , what’s not happening on the outside of the soil is an indication of something going on underneath the soil , so don’t get anxious if that what seems to going on from the look of the size of plants in the photo . In my experience in a 2x2x5 tent with just 2 plants in a 1 gallon pot , my white widow became root bound and still stretched past the lights , and my og Kush thrived aggressively and yielded almost 4 ounces , and the widow water starved and finally dried out to rapidly to recover after 5 weeks of flower . But I’m no expert by all means , but the one plant looks nutrient burned on the leaves from high levels of nitrogen , so you might want to lower your nitrogen feeding in half until you see new healthy growth before giving the same amount of nitrogen . Some soil mixes have enough nitrogen and macro organisms to support your plants for about 3-4 weeks depending on how often you water due to temperature and heat inside the grow space . You can used dolomite crush lime , 2-3 tablespoons to a gallon and give them a gallon each with maybe a teaspoon of Epsom salt to help the calcium and magnesium lock out from hig levels of nitrogen , but I’m not an expert , it’s just what I’m guessing from what I’ve read , and I can be wrong , so do more research before you start doing and giving your babies anything , you don’t want to stress them to much , to often , cause stress will definitely cut harvest big time , but some strains really thrive more after a lil stress to be honest . But it’s not easy running different strains , because each plant being hybrids has they own characteristics believe it or not , you will never get 2 plants to do the same thing , at the same time , even if they are the same strain , and in the same soil or hydro and growing space with lights , temperature , one will always respond different than the other . But hopefully the science officer or the groundsman will chime in and help you get things straitened out , and once you get them healthy , pay close attention to each plant progress , and I’ll feed each plant its own mix of feeding nutrients to see how each plant is responding before I feed them all the same steroids !!!

Thank you for this information. I will take out a plant fr my 3 by 3 tent and one fr my closet tomorrow and will place them under another 180w trulite. This way they will be given more light and room to breath and grow. I will also purchase some dolomite crush lime and epson salts tomorrow. Thanks again.

Now the 2-3 table spoons of lime in a gallon of water helps flush out salts and balance your soil ph to almost neutral , which is a cheap way of doing it , instead of buying bush Doctor by fox farm or flawless finish by advance nutrients , and instead of flushing excessively , you simply flush with double the pot size with ph water . Now you did read where I sailed this might not be accurate information , due to me not being a expert . I’ve grown several plants , but I’m still learning . Now I do the crush lime remedy before I put a seed in my soil , to help flush out some of Fox Farm ocean forest macro nutrients to strong for seedlings when I started a few seedlings in fox farm ocean forest and my seedlings burned in two weeks and died . But I would strongly suggest you read , ask , read some more , and ask again , and make sure what you doing or adding won’t create another issue , but fix the issue you having . The most common problem we have as beginners , we make sudden changes in the soil or hydro , which causes more problems than what the plants are suffering from , but in time any plant that’s having problems takes about a week or two weeks to correct due to soil being a buffer .

So; Is everything working out here? Guys, I am legally blind, and if you would break up your long, long posts into smaller paragraphs, it would be a lot easier for me to reply. I cannot endure the eye strain attempting to read through an entire page od data that is not broken up into discernible sized parts. Thanks, Peace, lw

  • all seeds are feminized Navina seeds.
    before soil in bucket put in 2" clay balls & 2 piece landscrap fabric
    -soil 50% pro max/50% perlite
    5 gal bucket extra holes
  • 150 LED Trulite
  • 18 " fr plant
  • Lights on 18 hrs
  • Humidity 45%-50%
  • temp. with lights on 80 - 85 degree
  • Nite temp - not sure
  • no co2
  • Crystal and ice broke through soil Nov 05. Super skunk Nov 24.
  • removed fan leaves after 2 wks
  • Shortly after began fiming them regularly
  • Ph run off 5.8 and EC 3.6 for crystal and ice.
  • Ph run off for super skunk 6.0 and EC 1.7
  • Plants are browning at the tips

3x3 tent in same room as closet grow

only diff is 180w led
ph run off maste kush 6.0’PH EC 1.1
“” “” “” wonder woman 6.0 EC 1.7
“” “” “” AK 48 6.0 EC 1.9

-they broke through nov 24

It would be a better photo without Led lights on , just a regular light photo would give us a better view . But you don’t have to cut off yellowing from leaves , until you see new growth . Which should be within a week or two , once new growth than you can remove the whole leaf from the stem , not just the yellowing . Trimming that way helps transfer energy , but you want to keep your biggest leaves always even if they show defiencies or lock outs until the plant recover , cause your big leaves are the heart of your plant , it’s the plant solar panels .

Happy new year everyone. May this coming year bring everyone lots of dank dark dance buds.

  • I still need help with my girls. At first I was not providing them with enough nutrients and never watered each pot enough which caused me not to flush my soil on a regular watering or feeding schedule.
  • My EC is still extremely high in a lot of my girls.
  • Dec 29th flushed plants. How do I correct my EC issues? It is still causing me to have nutrient deficiencies. My girls are still showing new growth and the leaves are pionting towards my light. However I wish they were growing faster.
  • Run off - PH 6.3, EC 1.9
  • Today I feed them using a PH - 6.2. EC 1.2.
  • It takes me around 9 days before I am ready to water again because of LED lights.
  • temp and humidity is perfect.
  • my central air help me replace my oxygen in my room.
  • use all Botanicare products along with FloraShield and VitaMaxplus
    I do not know how to fix this high EC reading in my soil. I am not sure what to do or how often to flush my girls. Any advice would be greatly appreciate. Thanks

I suspect mag deficeincy here’s a little light reading the answer to your problem I suspect is in this link?

Hi Donald, thanks for the reading material on mag deficiency I really appreciate.

No problem