Newbie needs help with bug

First thank you for reading and helping!
I recently found the spots on these leaves following a flush. Today I also found the little gray worm like thing on my plant.
I have moved it away from the other plants for now.
Can anyone tell me what it is and how to rid it?
Thank you

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This stuff works great @Garagegrow @garrigan62 has some great homemade Recipes he can chime in


Leaf miners! Them little :poop: are the devil!!! @Myfriendis410 @Mrcrabs u fellas got any fixes?

I use peroxide/water mix spray to fight 90% of bugs. But im sure they have more… scientific answers

Good call HogMan, forgot bout garr. Long time no see bro


Squeeze the leaf gently and kill them , they are inside the leaf, I use insects frass, you can foil at feed or root drench, works for me

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50/50 Isopropyl alcohol and water if you want to get really mean. It’s instantaneous. Won’t hurt the plant either. I also use straight 3% peroxide. But alternate with the Captain Jack’s every 5 days to break the life cycle.


Leaf miners

These Little creatures are a pain to get rid of, the miners eat and dig squiggly lines into your leaves all the while planting there larvae in them making it hard to get rid of them. They plant there eggs in the leaves in mid When they hatch they feed off of your leaves untill they get big enough to pupate. Pupation occurs within the leaf or in the soil beneath the plant. After they emerge the entire cycle will start over and you will have a bigger infestation. You can tell you have leaf miners by looking at your leaves; it will look like someone carved scribble lines all over the plants leaves. Leaf miners also can leave your plant open to pathogens and fungus and low yields from the damage to the leaves. The females dig into the leaves and lay there eggs, the sap that is secreted when the leaf minors do damage attract ants and flies. . If your plants are affected during late flowering or close to harvest, please try to use the safest means of control to be safe to your health.


Controls: Natural control for these insects is difficult. You can remove affected leaves and discard them. Chemical control is hard and is ment towards the emerging adults. Since the larvae is well protected within the leaf. Neem oil will work well.

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Thank you!!!

Gonna get these little SOB’s