Newbie needs help quickly please


I had another topic “Base stem size”, but I need some instant response so starting a new one. I’m growing Amnesia Haze fem outdoors in Texas (hot!) They are now 27 days old. I was concerned that:
A: I needed to top my plants to promote lower growth.
B: I needed to transplant because I have 2 plants in one 3 gallon pot.
So I came home from work to perform both tasks and was shocked to find pistils (?) had appeared. I know nothing, but I didn’t think pistils showed up so early. So now my question is, based on the pics, have I waited too late to top & transplant? Or am I okay to proceed?
Really appreciate all the help!


First. Welcome to ILGM. You won’t find any better herlp than right heterheter my friend.

OK. First transplant though two in the 5 gal bucket don’t worry about the pistils.
After 4 or 5 days after they have settled in there new home you can then top your girls.
If you do it all at once it wpuid be to !such shock for them.
But by the size of them you got plenty of time.

Hope this helps

B Safe


Ok, thanks very much. I was just taken by surprise by the pistils. I didn’t think they showed up until closer to flower phase and freaked out.