Newbie Needs Help! Leaves starting to change color (Fading)

This is my first attempt at growing. The plants are about two weeks old and the leaves are starting to change color (getting lighter). I am growing a White Widow, as well as an AK-47(autoflowering). I live in Florida and the daytime temps are around 90 with very high humidity. The plants are outside and in full sun from 9am until 7pm. The soil is a mixture called veggie blend. It consists of multi-source compost, peat moss, and vermiculite. It is supposed to be excellent for raised bed veggie gardens. I have no idea what to do. Any suggestions before the plants are too far gone to save.

Looks like they could be getting too much water.Little plants need little water in my learnings.

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Too much water and or P.H is off

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Make sure you have holes in the bottom of the solo cup to drain excess water :slight_smile:

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There are holes in the cups for drainage. It is so hot here I have to water them every three or four days. Should they be moved to a spot with some shade, or is full sun best?

I’m really not an expert. I’m about to harvest my first one but I’ve heard they love the sunshine. No worries though. The experts will chime in soon. Are you feeding? Make sure your pH is between 6 and 7

If the soil they are in is hot (i.e. Has pre loaded nutrients) they could be getting nute burn.

If so, I would suggest getting some seedling soil or Happy Frog.

Time release soil dumps nutes every time it gets water.

If they’re in those little cups in full sun all day in Florida and you’re only watering them “every 3 or 4 days” I think I might know what the problem could be ?!

Could you fill out a support ticket found on the main page and then I’m sure we could help you out

Strain; White Widow (Fem) and AK-47 (auto flowering)
Soil in pots, called Veggie Blend. Consists of multi source compost, peat moss, and vermiculite
System type?N/A
PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?N/A
What is strength of nutrient mix? No extra nutrients added
Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor
Light system, size? Just the sun. Full sun from 9am until 6pm
Temps; Day, Night? Daytime temp 90-93 Nighttime temp 76-79
Humidity; Day, Night Florida so it is very humid ranges from 60 to 90% throughout day
Ventilation system? N/A
AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier? N/A
Co2? No

If you need any more info. let me know. I really want to save these.

Over watering, its just a seedling and it won’t take much.


Looks kinda sorta… but how can it be if he’s only watering them “every 3 or 4 days” in full Florida sun ?

Something’s not adding up ?

I see some people have mentioned the pH. How important is this? The soil is neutral pH, but the water that I have been using is not. I have a well and the water before the softener is 7.4. The water after the softener is about 7.8. Will this make a difference? Which should I use. Plants look worse today. If overwatering is the issue, should they bounce back?

The pH is to high shoot for 6.5 you need to get some pH up and pH down as well as a tester also if you have a water softener you might be putting to much salt in the soil.

OH man, pH is one of the most important factors when growing good weed! Have you downloaded and read the Grow Bible yet? It’s got tons of good info in there.

Also, I stopped using my tap water because it also runs through a water softener. I read an article stating that this water is bad to use for watering your plants because of the water softening process. I’d use Reverse Omosis water (RO water), or distilled water.

You should still pH balance any water given to your girls though, regardless of the filtration process :evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::v:

Just got back from Home Depot and purchased one of those inexpensive soil testers. It measures the moisture as well as the pH of the soil. The moisture toward the bottom of the pot was off the chart wet. The pH number varied. At the top of the pot the pH was about 5.5, and at the bottom it was almost 7. Not sure if this is normal or just a fluctuation with the meter (not 100% accurate). I did test some leftover soil that I will use when I transplant into 5 gallon buckets, and that soil tested at 7. If this is just a problem with too much water, once they dry out some, should the color changing and leaf dying stop? Is it better to transplant into drier soil, or just let them dry out naturally, or will the shock from transplant do more harm than good?

I can see you have no perlite. I believe they are recieving to much water. If you add perlite on your next re pot it will increase the drainage capabilities. Also the clawing looks like there getting to hot. Hope all goes great for you and the end results are promising. I love being part of this forum.