Newbie needs help! (Four dumb questions)

So I was at the dispensary earlier and saw a bunch of starts growing in coco coir. I figured that since I have a private yard with some decent soil, potting soil in bags, and good fertilizer on hand, I’d try my luck with a cute little True OG clone, about a foot tall.

She has bright green new growth, and appears very healthy. I want to put her in a south-facing bed that has lain fallow for several years. We’re in SoCal and while the temps are in the low 80s right now, they could hit spells of 100+ in the coming months.

Questions (and my apologies to the forum if they’ve already been answered a million times):

  1. The roots are encased in a 2-inch block of coco coir. Is it safe to plant that directly into amended soil?

  2. Do I first need to “harden” this indoor-grown start to get her used to direct sunlight? What would be the best way to do this? An hour at a time, ramping up to several times a day?

  3. Is regular potting soil okay to amend existing soil with? Is the standard Miracle Gro okay to fertilize with?

  4. I’ve noticed some of my other garden plants have had their leaves munched by insects. Is there a recommended solution to preventing this?

Thank you all! Looking forward to embarking on this new horticultural adventure!

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Yes it is.

Yes. Shady spot for a few days, then indirect sun, then direct.

I recommend fox farms ocean forest, or any fox farms product. Miracle grow is a hard NO.

Jacks dead bug applied regularly will help. You will still need to double check for pests and remove some of them manually.

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Hey, thanks so much, Covert!


Covertgrower has you set. I would add that I recently started purchasing roots organic soil and I think I prefer it over any of the fox farms stuff.