Newbie needing a little help

I have eight Girl Scout cookie extreme at a little over two weeks old. First day of veg was on Dec. 14th. They are in a half coco loco half ocean forrest medium. Straight water at 6.5- 6.8. Runoff is 6.4 But the ppm is high at 2100. Plants are a little stressed. Oh lights are 2- 250w viparspectra two feet over canopy running at 50%@ 24hrs. Any help would be appreciated. I’ve also flushed the ones that were looking the worse with sledgehammer flush.

One out of eight no issues yet.

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Are those autos ??

Welcome to the community ! Plants that has been flushed with sledgehammer Middle pictures plants light color green. You will need to start feeding some veg. Nutes, and follow up by checking run off. PPM an PH . Also if not already a little Cal Mag on water day only. If possible fill out the ilgm support ticket will get more growers involved with feedback.

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Yes they are autos

That’s not a bad place to be in soil.

What instrument are you using to monitor PH and TDS? When did you calibrate PH meter last?

What is your watering practice? Plants are really too small to tolerate being flushed.

Personally I would introduce some dark time for the plants to recover. If you have adequate light you won’t need to run 24/0.

Do you know what the draw from the wall is? That’s a much more important datum than the model. How big is your grow space? You will ultimately need (if using those lights) around 50 plug watts per square foot for proper flowering. I would also turn up the lights all the way.

Apera digital ph meter. Calibrate before use in 7.0 solution. Ppm meter is cheap Vivosun digital but seems to be correct. I’ll turn lights up. They are 2500w Viparsoectra LED and around 250w at outlet. I use 2 for 4x8 tent. I water when dry with cal mag. Haven’t added nutes yet because I thought the ocean Forrest would do me for veg cycle. I’ll try and turn lights up and go to a 18/6 schedule. Thanks for the help. I’m sure I’ll be needing a bunch.

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Tag me any time: happy to help. You should probably plan on more light by the time you get to flower but you have enough to veg plants just fine. In the ‘blurple’ category, the metric is 50 watts per square foot from the wall to flower out well. Other LED’s would use other metrics like PAR and PPF etc.

FFOF should provide everything you need until flower and I would only supplement if the plants ask for it. Cal mag won’t hurt but may not be necessary.

The Apera is a good quality meter: did find out that storage of meter between use should be done in an actuall storage solution. Bluelab makes some and is pretty cheap insurance. And all you need is one of those cheap TDS meters so you’re good (I have to ask and you’d be amazed at some growers lol).

Good deal. I’ll keep doing straight water ph at 6.5.
Got the lights maxed out with a 6 hour dark schedule. I have 2 more 200watt viparspectra I can add later. That would give me 900 watt from outlet draw for flowering. Thanks again

Thanks again for your help. They are looking a lot better. I have 2 spider farmer 4000 coming for the flowering stage. They supposed to flower 5x5 each.
I can put all 4 Viparspectra in another tent and have enough light for 2 grows.

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