NEWBIE! Need some guidance

I think I just way over top fed them. I just removed a bunch of the 444 that was sitting at the top and sort of aerated the soil a bit so hopefully that will help revive them. They’re DEFINITELY struggling big time since I added the 444 to the top. PH meter arriving today. Luckily I’m very much experimenting and expectations are low.

Here are the poor souls this morning. Have I ruined them?


Nope. Maybe a bit of the yield will be lost. But she’ll live

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OK—I’ll be hitting up the thread once I get my PH Meter, as I have no clue what to do next.

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Those leaves will not look any better atvall they will only continue to get worse looking do go by them leaves go by the new growth coming in now. Once the leaves start to yellow there is no getting it back unless its a slight calmag def. 444 prolly hasnt even started to work yet and it is in flower so most should prolly be 484 as of now. Ove never had any issues woth this. But. But i ph my water before i add to the plant. Ph is the most important part of giving plants food. Hell its just as impprtant as having good light for them. I believe u would be fine to just leave them be let some food get to the roots. Best bet is to ph adjust water before u feed them even if jist goving water itself ph is a must. Im not a smart fella when it comes to do all the stuff these guys do. All this seemed like it was gonna be the same for me as it was for u. I hated science in school lol. So when i seen i needed meters nutes ect i was about to give too. Figured id find someone who knew and lead me on the way. Find 1 guy that does work like u wanna do and follow along woth them. Every1 has their own ways of doing things. Id suggest if u wanna learn anything about everything give @Hellraiser a follow. He has the most thorough broke down threads on here from growing from seeds clones and more. He is super super good with a hell of a green thumb. Hell he has a golden thumb lol


Ok - my VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo has arrived. What do I do? I’m so damn needy. Help!


Haha welcome to the club. Start with this.

Get a cup of tap water.

Test the pH
Test the ppms

Thats ur starting point.

Then mix in your regular nutes.
Test again
Post results


@MaxK write the numbers down ph and ppm before u add nutes to water then after u add then but before u ph the water check the ppms because ph up and down i believe alters these numbers

@PurpNGold74 got u he another next to hellraiser.


I’m a noob too but if the leaves start yellowing from the bottom up the plant is stealing nitrogen from parts already grown …the entire plant can turn lime green …they probably need a little nitrogen …

As a first by one grower myself outdoors same region as you I went with the fox farms trio and also got some Ph down and fox farms cal mag …
At one point my plants were nitrogen deficient because I was under feeding them …reading a lot online I kept seeing nutrient burn is easy …and when I saw yellowing and lime coloring I thought that was it …but it was the exact opposite and me cutting off the nitrogen only compounded the problem …it’s really very hard to tell anyone what to do because it’s your situation and what I have learned so far is that you need to screw up in order to learn how to correct it .all I can say is pay close attention to the plant get a jewelers loupe …there are leagues of different barely visible plant pests to contend with outdoors also …they love your young plants juices and unless you are looking frequently you won’t know until it’s too late …just trying to help …look into nutrients for those plants so they are healthy enough to hopefully ward off any problems you run into


heck yes! then when you see it again you will know


Yes exactly …I love this forum too for the advice and time of everyone that gives advice …it’s always good …however I think there’s nothing like a hands on learning experience …even if you lose your plant …I’ll quote a very famous artist …if you make a mistake you will learn something …then nothing is truly lost


Well said.

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