Newbie need help please with a little help from my friends You silly

Most schedules list multiple measurements. So it should give targets of those numbers. Yellow is usually caused by iron or by mixing some nutrients out of order. Like jacks 321. Technically you have to fully mix 3 and 1 before adding 2. Otherwise you make something different and it’s yellow.

In my soil grows I’m not concerned with ph and in coco I feed everyday (so it’s ph adjusted everyday). If you want full ph controll the water only days for soil grows needs to have north of 100ppm to adequately hold ph.


I know I’m stoned I don’t understand what you’re trying to help me with you’re awesome. But I don’t understand I’m sorry. On the iron am I too high or too low. I filter my water so maybe too low
Also the only nutrients I have is Fox farm Big Bloom grow big tiger bloom and Bush doctor Cal mag
I tried just a tiger bloom thinking it was nitrogen but then figured out my PPM was a thousand over across the board probably since birth of these plants LOL
I can add stress thank you so much on this tool
I just ordered sledgehammer it will be here Thursday and I will flush everything and start again and hopefully rejuvenate these bad boys
I 100% don’t know what I’m doing but the second round I will know what I won’t do again LOL thank you for the help

Those are liquid nutrients. I’d imagine the color comes from them. If there are no issues I’m not following either. I’m quite inebriated… was mostly a stab at what may have been the question. Lol.
I’m not currently suited to help and I think I may have put you on the wrong path. Don’t know. Imma tag some in.

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It’s all good brother even if I had to start all over from square one I still got a big smile on my face right now cuz learning is awesome doing the same mistake over and over is stupidity. So yeah sledgehammer and a couple of days flush everything out I think I was just nuking nutrients in these things out of control not knowing what I’m I’m about to hit the hay long day for me tomorrow thank you again everybody.

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You don’t need a flushing product just use tap water.
Put your plant in the sik or tub and run water out of it until the ppm is like 300 or 400 coming out the bottom.

Your using fox farms so the first thing is to find out if your ppm meter a 500 or 700 scale, probably a 500.
So then you look at the feed chart, look at what week of life your plants in and that’s what ppm you should feed. The chart should show you what ratios to roughly get there but check with your ppm meter to make sure, then PH then feed and when you feed that 5 gallon bucket you mixed ip of nutrient water make sure your plant gets 20% run off or salts will build up in the root zone, your PH will slowly go out of wack and your plant will end up in nutrient lockout.

Sounds like you need a flush and a fresh feed right after.

Here is the 500 scale modified feed chart because fox farms shows theirs in the 700 so very confusing.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the tag @Budz it’s good to know when someone more sober shiuld be driving the mongoos down the road lol


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Thank you I’ve been reading that card but following it is another story to tell and I don’t lie so reading and following was not me.
What I did follow was how much per gallon, if it says 5 ml per gallon I do about three and a half milliliters little light on everything.
Checking pH was not happening on my behalf cuz I’m an idiot number one. Then this weekend when I did follow pH meter, I learned about the PPM. So even though I added nutrients to perfectly pH water it changed the pH level. Then I changed it back to perfectly pH water. Only then I had to dilute it even more with water to perfectly PPM water to 1200 ish.
One more shout out to the guy who showed me that pen God damn I wish I knew about this 5 weeks ago LOL
Thank you everybody you’re awesome
FYI 25 years ago when I was younger I used to AAA myself home numerous times from the bar no DUIs a lot of $20 to AAA for extra rides after the complementary 4 tows


That’s smart. I rolled the dice when I was younger and stupid but always knew to follow all the road rules so I woildnt get pulled over and never park in the restaurant or club parking lot lol. When I knew it wasn’t safe to drive I just paid keys please and they drive your ride home.
But no one can drive stick anymore! And my racing clutch always took a beating lkl

You got same pen as me. Just remember when it changes to ppb (it will auto) just move the decimal 3 places. So when jt says like 2.10ppb just automatically know it means 2100ppm

So thank you.

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Thank you I will look at that when I test the water tomorrow morning
Yeah you suggested that pen pH meter I did some reviews on Google and it’s a pretty good damn unit
I also tested it against my other cheap unit the cheap unit was pretty close I should have been using it but I’m an idiot
Also the cheap unit only does one decimal place and not as all-in-one temperature everything perfect very very happy
I may actually get different probes cuz I’m weird thank you again
The spear pH probe

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The cheap ph meters are fine if you take care of them. Mine never went out of calibration. Checked weekly. Gave it to my brother once I got the pc60. Which you’ll notice if you rinse the probe with distilled water before doing tests. You already have sterile containers with measure lines for your solutions. Meaning as long you don’t contaminate any of them. They can be re used for weekly checks/calibration. The precise reason I bought that meter/kit. It provides the most complete kit you can get in an easy to carry case. Even if you fill the probe part. The o-rings keep leaks from happening.

Welcome to the forum @Bawstan_boi

@Budz and @Nicky got you absolutely covered. Love the learning going on haha!


Yo I was going to we read everything before I do some flushing. That is crazy that the chart would be something different than what I would be normally using, but not knowing what I’m doing anyways LOL
Here is what they gave me in that kit soil feeding schedule pic
I’m going to start flushing I’m still worried that the pH is in the eights out of the tap so I’m going to get 20 gallons of filtered water make sure the pH is proper and start flushing. I just think the tap water is too high pH
Thank you again people’s

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I’m a fool lol I never really did run off that’s how I know I never overwatered.
So on that in each pot I put a few gallons of pH 6.2 filtered water let it run a good inch on the bottom trays and these are the readings in my hand caveman sketch.
Circles represent pot plants in the middle is pH on the outside box is ppm
Now I know what everybody’s talking about PPM is way too high and the pH is not too bad I think.
Besides doing more flushing what would you do??
I know I’m going to bed thank you for all your help may you have a glorious night

Not necessarily true… overwatering is less the amount you water and more how often you soil is drenching wet. Its easier to ‘overwater’ by watering too often, then it is by pouring too much.

But runoff is good to prevent salt buildup in soil. That makes ppms skyrocket and thus the need to flush. What medium are you in again?

In the beginning of this whole topic since exactly what medium I’m using. Since it’s my first time I’m doing a little experiment try different ratios of soil. Happy frog ocean Forest cultivation Nation different ratios.
Sorry I didn’t get back to anybody I just been so busy working I’m even working there LOL.
Still yellow and going on trying to just put regular water perfect pH last couple of days I know I’m going to get that sledgehammer Fox farm and use that hopefully that clears things up I doubt it
Talk to you later thank you for everything

So. The pH in the low 5’s high 4’s is more then likely causing a nutrient lockout. Which is why ur EC/ppms are sky high.

Flushing is the most basic method. A few around have successfully used dolomite lime to adjust very low soil pH.


Thank you for a quick reply you’re awesome. Does regular tap water going to mess this all up if I flush it real good. I tested tap water it was in the low eights. I know Thursday I’m going to definitely do some more flushing cuz I’m going to have that sledgehammer. So what should the water runoff be for pH. I believe the PPM should be 4 to 600 someone was saying. This is the best community I got to get back to work but thank you again

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Low eights is a tad high, but since ur coming from 4-5 it should be alright. Operable word being should. The only thing I dont like about pure tap is the chlorine. But getting pH in range would take precedence. U can always resupply microbes (chlorine and microbes dont mix).

4-600 is a GREAT target ppm range.

In soil 6.3-6.8 is the target. A few points off is more then you want, but above 6 and below 7 is where YOU want to end up.

No problem at all on the help my friend. Happy to be of assistance


This was the readings at 4: 10 this morning. Now I’m starting to understand if the runoff pH is a little low you can go a little higher and I mean just a little of the pH water going on top soil.
Now my ppms are off the goddamn chart.
Sledgehammer will be coming in today I should have about 15 gallons of proper pH water hopefully that will flush out six plant pots. I hope I don’t use too much sledgehammer follow instructions cuz I know the PPM is in between double at the lowest on one plant to literally 4 to 6 times on another. Yes crazy newbie I am.
Thank you everybody I’m sorry I couldn’t get back quickly I just been working so much quarter 4:00 in the morning I don’t get home until about 4: 30-5.
Another shout out for that goddamn pH pen it is awesome absolutely awesome thank you. Makes my life so much easier now I’m figuring things out that I never knew what I should have been figuring out in the first place