Newbie need help please with a little help from my friends You silly

Hello everybody.
I’ve read this forum very well and a lot of useful knowledge. You people are awesome for starters. Very very informative thank you everybody.
This is my first grow and with all the information on this site I thought I could do it on my own I was wrong. Help please

I’m going to try to be as descriptive about what my setups are everything is times two
Mars hydro sp3000
Mars hydro 2x4 tent
Cloud line A6 AC Infinity 6"
inside carbon filters Infinity
outside Terrabloom long carbon filter
Digital controller for both AC Infinity fans
10 gallon aeration fabric bags
Thermo pro thermostats each side extra
Room is climate control perfect temperatures day and night.
All fox farm products across the board
For soils Happy frog, ocean Forest, and a little cultivation Nation. Fertilizer Fox farm Big grow, tiger bloom, big bloom and bush doctor.
On my soils I did an experiment, I did three 10 gallons in each tent. Each one of those grow bags has different soil mixtures, but the same from side to side so only three. Grow bag one 20 cups of Happy frog 10 cups of forest ocean three cups cultivation Nation grow, bag two 15 cups of Happy frog 10 cups of forest ocean three cups of cultivation Nation, bag three 10 cups of Happy frog 10 cups of ocean Forest three cups cultivation Nation.
For seeds I got them at this awesome website I love growing marijuana they had autoflowers mixed packs which was awesome. The pack I got was autoflowers mix pack amnesia Haze, blueberry and Northern lights 30 pack. IMO worth getting the 30 pack 10 x 3 different awesome strains = happy me
Everything was going pretty well until this yellowing I can’t get away from since last Thursday. I have checked the pH level. Feeding everything across the board half doses of Big grow with tiger bloom in the past two weeks. Now getting off off Big grow to big bloom. I threw some Bush doctor and that helped a little. Then I’ve tried just tiger bloom for nitrogen that didn’t really help. Maybe I was impatient after 2 days of bush doctor
I have fly strips around catching any little things everything looks good on that note.
I guarantee I’m screwing up something on the nutrients. Only you can solve the puzzle LOL.
I think I did very positive on 85% of what I’m doing and 15% total dog poop. Which can ruin everything
Some of the negatives on my experiment AKA I messed up. two plants one 10 gallon. Five plants per 2x4 tent. What was this newbie thinking. Also some of the plants I think I put too deep in the soil and by the time they grew out they were four or five days later than their sisters.
One positive note 10 out of 10 growing very well until this past Thursday. For germination couple of drops of hydro peroxide to soften the shell so it can pop out for some love. Yes there was two seeds that did not want to pop out too well but she showing now that she is a fighter.

I’m going to try to post some pictures hopefully it will let me do it.
Also I do believe playing music around your plants they love it.


You sure made it hard on yourself with 3 different soils. They will all have different needs and you can’t feed them all the same because they are all different.

I can’t tell from the pic what your ph is. it looks like 7? Thats to high if thats where your ph is. I shoot for 6.2 to 6.5 that’s about where you want to be. It looks like you have a calcium deficiency so you may way to pick up some cal mag.

You should also be checking your runoff ph but don’t pay much attention to the tds right now because the foxfarm is organic and not plant ready until.its broken down. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen new growers buy a big ole bag of ocean forest then check the runoff 2 weeks and see 3000 tds then flush all the good from soil.


Thank you for the insight. Never overwatered so the nutrients should still be in the soil hopefully. It’s an experiment three different soils that’s what I expected three different fertilizer plans equal more pain in the ass for me LOL. Yes I think the pH is at 7 like in the picture I’ll try to bring it down a little bit. The ph up and down I got doesn’t give me any instructions I like instructions. Most of the soil is Happy frog except for part 3 it was a 50/50 with about 15% cultivation Nation pot one is a 2:1 ratio Happy frog ocean Forest with about 10% cultivation Nation.
Thank you for your insight I do have calmag AKA Fox farm Bush doctor mag cal.
Before I start doing Bush doctor again I want to hear from at least one more person please thank you.
So my experiment is going to be my pain in the ass cuz of three different soils I will learn next time I like challenges thou.
Not the first time I’ve ever planted or grew things, my parents had a small Portuguese farm growing up. These plants are very touchy, enough vegetable garden that’s why I’m 22 long rifle helped us out without pest LOL.
Thank you for your insight and your help


Any of those soils would be running out of nutrients by this point without something to boost the biome. Be it a compost tea or something like tribus. Got phosphorus deficiency.
Also aim for low 6s instead of 7
I’f it’s not phosphorus it’s manganese.

Are you feeding every other water? pH adjusted every time? On non feed days is it pH adjusted, meaning if using 0ppm water you are adding calmag so it can take pH adjustments?

I imagine at this point your girls need water every other day.


You could have a phosphorus deficiency as well but I personally can’t tell from the pic under the grow lights. When you can remove them from the tent and get a pic

Yeah man good luck. I love playing music and talk radio for my ladies.

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Feeding every third day, I fixed all my water to be 6.0 not the seven thank you.
When I add fertilizer to water is that going to change the pH???
I want to get those pictures up right after I smoke some of this weed out of the grow lamps. I can adjust those lights too to be dimmer.
I read those articles many times and couldn’t figure out doesn’t need Cal mag tiger bloom or just more nutrients.
Can’t lie I’m pretty light on the nutrients kind of scared them burn them.
You people are awesome thank you so much for your replies.
I think Cal mag is what it needs and I adjusted 20 gallons to be the proper pH now. Also I’m using it an inline filter for the water so it’s not straight from the tap I’m stupid but not that stupid lol

6.2 would be more appropriate but most rise over time. So since you’re mixing that much ahead of time. Good thing you went low. How long does it take you to use that? Is it sealed in plumb full containers or kept moving 24/7? Would recommend an actual pH meter like.

I use

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I did not know water changes pH and a five gallon sealed bucket LOL I just learned something I’m laughing and crying.
I work a lot during the weekday so I water around 4:15 in the morning I come home for about 4:00 I shut down lights for 3 hours. About 1 hour light I water very little and give the nutrients then maybe every other day instead of every third day.
Also here is a picture of the plant outside the grow light it doesn’t look as yellow amazing.
I wish everybody lived closer cuz this first batch I would roll a bunch of Wonder joints who help me and invite the Omega moos lol
Everybody’s awesome thank you
The whole thing that’s making me surprised 10 out of 10 seeds took and 10 out of 10 plants that actually doing something may not complete we do something but it’s doing something now

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Evaporation changes the pH. Some nutrients have to be mixed in a certain order, if those fall out and settle. And remix. Now you have something besides your intended product.


All my waters are 100% sealed because I didn’t want it to evaporate and I have to filter more water LOL
So as long as it’s sealed the pH should stay the same correct everybody.
VIVOSUN pH and TDS Meter Combo, 0.05ph High Accuracy Pen Type pH Meter ± 2% Readout Accuracy 3-in-1 TDS EC Temperature Meter, UL Certified

I bought this unit because I am frugal cheap on certain things and I must get that better unit that you showed me thank you

As long as you aren’t using calcium salts like 80% of us. Then no. Your pH won’t will continue to rise

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I mean. I don’t know a single person’s who doesn’t rise over time. Mine does. I grow in coco so it’s fairly important. And I seal mine in plastic bottles with no room for any air… if they sit for more than 4 days they go down the drain

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The fertilizer on how I mix it is a needle syringe and exact milliliters half recommend dosage in a 1 gallon jug. Then have a 350 ml syringe with hose so I can drip the plant with nutrients also and I can pinpoint exactly where I want the soil to get watered. It’s been a routine every morning I sit down on my bum bum I say good morning girls music going give a little water and love. I also have soil meters I forgot to say to make sure it’s never dry. I think only a couple of times it actually dripped in my drip pans on the bottom and I have them lifted up so they can never be any mold Moss fungus or leprechauns.

So I wonder which one should I be doing more cal mag bush dr or more nitrogen tiger bloom.
Also I’m going to make sure about the pH level on the water I cannot believe it being just a little high freaks out my girls I just want to see my girls boobies grow thank you so much again everybody I’m going to finish smoking this

So is my water okay after 4 days, I’m buying that other tester I’m going to link to show what tester I bought. I have everything in 5 gallon buckets I have one main empty 5 gallon bucket that has a hose on and off so I can fill up individual empty gallons and make custom fertilizers mixes on the fly. Never thought about start looking at my pH because I just bought a new inline filter water. Thought it would do the trick I was wrong. Empty gallons is what I drink throughout the year Poland spring 25 years avid water drinking only. Repurpose them. I’ll just be more critical on testing water every 3 days.

Also any insight on the new pictures
I ended up doing tiger bloom how long should yellow leaves go away if I’m following the proper protocol on yellow and flowers.

Good afternoon everybody hopefully everybody had an awesome week.
I’m bumping this up because I’ve been watching my pH level now for the last couple of days also making sure when I add nutrients the pH is checked again LOL. I thought fertilizer would never change the pH what a dummy I am.
I just received my new 5 in 1 pocket pH tester Amazon 135 bucks
I gave mad cow Dr bush and the tiger bloom for the phosphates and nitrogen. How long does it take to stop noticing it turning the leaves green not yellow.
I can’t believe the pH can actually ruin stuff this hot newbie me LOL.
So any insight would be awesome I will take more pictures if anybody needs of it today cuz I am just homebound doing things.
Also with this new pH meter I get to see how my cheap Viziosun $20 pH meter is accurate and not accurate to this new meter.
Also I’ve been trying to understand the PPM, I understand parts per million I used to be a machinist. But what am I looking for parts per million that’s all if someone can link me up on something so I can read and understand and educate myself would be much appreciated.
Hope everybody’s having an awesome weekend it’s going to be nice no rain amazing

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Thank you for the recommendation on this tool it is awesome. Well worth 135 bucks.
My question would be I got the pH level perfect, the parts per million should be around 1200 correct???
This does salts and also electrical conductivity. Is there a certain number I should be doing for the salts and the EC???

One thing I think is correct in my research, if PPM is about 1200ish after near perfect 6.2 ish pH water with liquid fertilizer. Is what I’m looking for when I feed my plants.

Is there any parts per million when I’m just watering my plants without liquid fertilizer, does the EC or salt have anything to do with things yellowing. I am using filtered water maybe it’s taking iron or other things out.
I’d like to hear some input please, also awesome call on a five-in-1 pH tester.
Thank you everybody for your help

Most schedules list multiple measurements. So it should give targets of those numbers. Yellow is usually caused by iron or by mixing some nutrients out of order. Like jacks 321. Technically you have to fully mix 3 and 1 before adding 2. Otherwise you make something different and it’s yellow.

In my soil grows I’m not concerned with ph and in coco I feed everyday (so it’s ph adjusted everyday). If you want full ph controll the water only days for soil grows needs to have north of 100ppm to adequately hold ph.


I know I’m stoned I don’t understand what you’re trying to help me with you’re awesome. But I don’t understand I’m sorry. On the iron am I too high or too low. I filter my water so maybe too low
Also the only nutrients I have is Fox farm Big Bloom grow big tiger bloom and Bush doctor Cal mag
I tried just a tiger bloom thinking it was nitrogen but then figured out my PPM was a thousand over across the board probably since birth of these plants LOL
I can add stress thank you so much on this tool
I just ordered sledgehammer it will be here Thursday and I will flush everything and start again and hopefully rejuvenate these bad boys
I 100% don’t know what I’m doing but the second round I will know what I won’t do again LOL thank you for the help

Those are liquid nutrients. I’d imagine the color comes from them. If there are no issues I’m not following either. I’m quite inebriated… was mostly a stab at what may have been the question. Lol.
I’m not currently suited to help and I think I may have put you on the wrong path. Don’t know. Imma tag some in.

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