Newbie need advice

Hi all I’m new to growing any advice is appreciated need to buy a grow tent kit any recommend thanks

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Vivosun for 4’x4’x8’ - flower tent.
2 2x2x4 for seedling and veg.

Don’t buy cheap lights. Mine are on a shelf not veing used. Get spyder.

Don’t do soil. Go right for learning coco.

Also read constantly and keep a journal.


You’ll need to give more information than that. What’s your space? Budget? I’m new so can’t say much, but definitely put good money towards your light.


I do wish I was running coco. Next run will certainly be.


Buy the light separately, and the light should be most of your budget.
If you tell us what space you’re trying to grow in, we can guide you with solid light options.

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Budget is £350 space is like 6ftx6ft max

Only looking to keep 3-4 plants at a time so not to big

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Something like 80x80x160

Keep in mind the light is going to eat a big chunk of that budget up.

Any recommendations for the size above lean me in the right direction

Well here is the thing everyone here will preach about getting good lights, which is true. But with your budget and size you want to grow in might not work out. For example in my tents my lights each cost me $150USD/108.08Pound Sterling. They are only good to grow one plant each. So you might have a big room to grow in but with your budget you might want to look into a setup that grows 1-2 plants at a time.

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Because after the tent and light you still need other things like exhaust fan and carbon filter if your concerned about smell, air circulating fan, growing media, TDS meter. So your budget is not as big as you might think it is.

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You in the right place and the best forum family of growers on the internet hands down !


The budgets not dependent I guess I was told its a great starting point but size wise isn’t that limited I just only want to grow 3-4 plants for now that’s what I want my setup to be to support 3-4 medium plants is that a better basis for you guys to give me the best advice? Thanks for everything so far it’s been a learning curve

Because of space limitations I have a 3x3x7’ tent. It does well with 4 plants (auto or photo) in 5 gallon pots. I would go with a taller tent if you can. Lights, filter and fan takes up quite a bit of vertical height.
I bigger tent is nice but it is another matter to properly light that much space. It cost a lot to purchase that much light. My second choice would be a 2x4. It some ways it is an easier shape to buy lights for.
I would say pick a tent size that works and other things needed (use a package as a source list then shop for best prices) and see what you have left for light. Find lights that fit that amount and check back here. Be careful if looking at amazon for lights. You need to educate yourself to terms used. You can not use the marketing numbers like 2000W. Learn to read and generally understand the specifications so you can can make legitimate comparisons.
If you grow autos you can get by without a tent but that depends on living conditions and restrictions.

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Vivosun does the trick for half the price , love my gorilla grow tent too but more expensive

My advised read a lot learn how to grow one or 2 correctly then move to a larger space if necessary , start 2x4 good luck …

Now you have 2.5 umol\j which is damn good for personalizedizedized medicine. I used a quick analysis method give or take depending on the grower, environment, etc, but say a 2000watt spider farmer, mars hydro, are HLG lets say right, would be 20 ounces for even a rookie in a 4x4 tent with fans, patience, soil or hydro right basic analyses, just my opinion on how I view lights depending on specs, reviews, of course. Like I tell anyone spends the most you can afford on your lights, so you not buying 2-3 more in 8 months after you grow 2 ounces and realize you can do it but you need stronger lights. Buying lights prepare you for the real journey ahead my brother honestly lol :laughing:!
If you cannot wait for a good decent light that will give you at least 4-6 ounces per plant while learning how to raise a real growing, speaking, slow :snail: responding living thing then you have a very long journey. I suggest you can have something to do for at least 6-10 hours while plants are growing.
The better your lights :bulb:, the better chances of success and a great return on your patience and the work ahead to get good results. Ask questions, even the stupid dumb questions, get answers, ask more questions, check again, wait a week or two in case a new model is coming out with better options than the old model for the same price, and wait to ask a few more questions, than order it lol :laughing: !

Cheers guys so a mars hydro 1000w would be a good. Start in a 4x2ect

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@Daveyseat if that’s what you can afford, its a good light to begin with, narshydro lights put out good premium nugs .