Newbie, need advice Want new LED light for 20"x20"x40" tent

Hello, I am brand new to this. I bought a tent off of eBay, but find the lights installed aren’t the best. I am willing to spend some money to upgrade. What is a good light for my size tent? I have searched the forums but still am unsure what the best way is to go.

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Welcome! @dbrn32 is the lighting guru of the community. He can answer ANY questions you have about lighting

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Sounds good to me. Just putting my toe in the water, so any help is appreciated.

Did you have a budget? An hlg 135w kit is perfect for your size tent. Will run just a little north of $200


I’m on my first run in a 2x2x4 and was referred to the HLG 135w. A few months later here we are!


Sounds perfect. Amazon doesn’t have it. What’s a good source? Any companies that are sponsors here?

I got mine from you could look directly at the HLG Website as well

Can’t link it here but you can go to their website or just google hlg 135w

I saw that, but when they mean kit is it a complete assembly? Is it hard to put together?

Not at all. Videos on YouTube

go to hlg web site, go to qb kits is where you find it, use coupon code DUDE get 10% off


Thanks for the discount code! I am curious how much your electric bill went up. Just a rough guess.

I would say about 12 bucks on mine

I am looking at a 4x4x8 grow tent and a 1200W LED adjustable full spectrum Wakyme grow light. I don’t fully understand the spectrum information but I do know higher numbers on the outermost edges are better. It is a 2x2 light. Will one be enough for the tent I plan to buy. I only plan to grow 2 to 4 plants and those will be Autoflowering.
Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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Honestly, you would probably want 4 of those to flower out a 4x4 and I’m not sure how good that would do.

If you can, I would save up to get something a little better. Otherwise people usually end up running a couple of grows and get frustrated with results, then go out and buy better lights. It costs more money in the long run.

Can you please offer me a couple of lights that would work for me? That would give me some options to look at and help with my learning curve. I think I am going to go to a 3x3x6 tent instead of the 4x4x8.


3x3 is a lot more reasonable to get a good light in. I would check out a qb 260 kit.

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My new light arrived today. I plan to put it in tomorrow.

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Thanks I will look into it.
How many plants can I have without overcrowding?
Your a great resource and I thank you for all of input.

Depends on how long you plan to veg them for and what method you plan on using