Newbie Master Kush Outdoor Topping Qs


Time to top?


Sure if that’s what you want to do. @TyDurdan now is the time!


They are big enough to top… Good luck with your grow!
And welcome to the Forum!!!


Thanks @Covertgrower and @Sasquatch. Here we go!


Gday@TyDurdan, personally I would like to see a couple of more nodes before introducing the trauma of topping a plant that is barely out of nappies.I would let her settle in a bit longer and establish her roots before I topped, but as others above have said it should handle it ok.


@Covertgrower @Sasquatch @mountainman1
So looks like I “finned” more than topped the girls. Should I finish the job and completely top her or is that going to stress them out? Thinking that they would be better not spending energy on those dwarfed leaves.

But girls are looking happy. Happy Independence Day!


I think it might surprise you if you allow it to grow out. @TyDurdan


@Covertgrower is right it may surprise you! Your going to have to wait a while before you do anything else to her for now. Fimming isn’t a easy one to accomplish and even when u think u didn’t do it right, it can surprise you.


Thanks. Will let it ride.