Newbie - looking for some guidance on picking out seeds, more

It’s always weird starting in an area where you know absolutely nothing. Hopefully I can pay it forward someday! I am hoping to get some guidance and / or opinions.

As the laws changed in my state I decided to investigate growing my own. I’ve done a bunch of reading over the last couple of weeks and I am ready to get moving.

I decided to go with a grow tent - the Mars Hdyro SP3000 (link). I am generally one that likes to putter and one day I might build my own but this seems like the way to go for me.

So… what seeds? I am not looking for anything in particular (e.g. helping me sleep, destress, etc). I just like to have an edible at the end of the day (I am fairly knew to this as well). Now that I think about it, the one negative effect is that what I’ve had so far can make me sleepy. I would assume that I want something that is already feminized.

Also, the kit mentioned previously comes with 5 pots. How many seeds come in an order from this site? Is it one seed per pot? I did not see this information in the various guides on the site.

Any other advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks again!


If you go to the home page of the ILGM site, not the forum, they have a pretty fair selection of quality seeds, I believe all feminized, and auto flowering as well. I’m new too, and bought Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Autos. You can get their seeds in 5, 10 or 25 packs, and they also have mix packs that have 5 or 10 seeds of three different strains. They also have a good run down on the info in regards to growing the particular strains. ILGM is a tad more pricey than most others, but they have a 100% germination guarantee. They make the wrongs right, as well, say if seeds don’t germ. They are pretty quick on the delivery, too. I’ve been looking at their Hero Mix Pack (Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner and Black Widow).


If you’re new I’d pick an easy variety to start. White widow is easy to grow . Definitely feminized .


No matter what you choose, go feminized. There is enough of a learning curve that you don’t need any male plants to deal with. Welcome to the boards. I had a really good first run with GDP auto’s. I’ve always felt indica’s and edibles go hand in hand.

You might consider going piece mail vs kit. The fans and stuff coming in the kits aren’t that great.


Welcome to the community @muchgooder, you’ll find a wealth of support and solid advice and support here. I grow 2 different strains for day smoking and night time sleep. For day smoking I like a Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrid, for knocking me out a good indica works like GDP or Northern Lights. ILGM has some great starter mix packs. They also give you a break down of the THC content, strain, Hybrid parent strains ect. Good reading on the seed selections :love_you_gesture:


This is so true
You will do so much better buying separately rather than buying a kit


I grew White Widow Auto CBD as my first grow…super easy with the help I’ve gotten from this forum-

Welcome to the show. This is a great group of folks here. I have learned much and I learn more every day.

Spend some $ on a good light.
Get a ph pen.

Read this:

There are so many other great journals by other great growers.

I to like to “putter” with things. Because of this, the best advice I got from these great people is to leave them plants alone and let them do their thing. You plants will let you know if they are unhappy.

Happy gardening!


Welcome to the community.

Just a couple pointers on seeds, definitely get fem, and consider your grow situation like head space. If you’re pretty limited on head space, consider a indica leaning hybrid, or 100% indica, and I know this might be controversial, but I’d stay away from autos. I personally think photos make better plants.

Welcome! The community is amazing and here to see you succeed.

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