Newbie looking for help


New to the game. Looking for a few lil hints, tricks or any and all help i can get. What would you recommend for a light cycle for WW AF? Best recommend soil? Would you recommend using a 3.5 gallon or 5 gallon ?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to help a newbie out its greatly appreciated :grinning:


I grow autos a lot. They tend to like 3 gallon cloth pots. I use happy frog soil with Nutes later in life. They are great plants to grow just try not to transplant. Autos hate it. I usually plant directly to forever pots but germination is not as successful as the other methods. Welcome And good luck!


Thank u I appreciate the feedback.


Hello and welcome. I am currently running promix either hp or bx with advanced nutrients ph perfect trio line and it is fairly simple to use and user friendly. I like autos in either 3 or 5 gallon pots. For auto flowers some use 24/7 the entire time others will use 20/4 or 18/6. I like to run mine at either 18/6 ot 20/4. Tje last 2 weeks of flower I’ll lower them to 10/14 to help the trichomes and pistils along a little.


Thank you so much you have been such a help


Autos are a bit touchy fir a first time grow from what I hear. I’ve never grown autos. But for seedlings I like Light Warrior soil from Frog Farms then I put in 5 gal pots with ocean forest soil and a bed of cocoa core at the bottom of the pot.


Thank you.


I’m a newbie myself, also growing WW autos. I use Fox Farm Ocean Forest mix with Happy Frog for my plants and no nutrients while young seedlings as the soil has all they need. I Veg in a 3x3x6 tent with a 450 Viparspectra. This is a super helpful group - you only have to ask for help and it will come. Best of luck to you. Jeb


Welcome to the forum as you can see we have a great membership thats always willing to help
Any questions post them here and sit back and wait for the reponses


Hey @Monkeemomma420 I am running my lights at 20/4 during veg. I am 3 weeks into it with WWA. Using FFHF soil in 3 gal cloth pots


I ran my last 2 autos on a 24 hour light schedule. Honestly didn’t seem to make a difference in growth so I wish I just set to 18/6 to save the electricity but oh well. Using schedules now.


thanks so much


does it make them grow faster if you do 24 light cycle?


The growth was just a tiny bit better, not worth the energy spent powering the light in my opinion.


I would think it’s best to mimic nature and give it a regular light cycle such as 18/6 plus obviously the energy savings. Your babies need rest too!


I was a new grower i guess i still am but i too started with autos i am going to try a feminized seed as i found auto’s were pretty bad if anything goes wrong especially if you dont know much about growing because with autos since they grow so fast and you have no control over them flowering so if anything goes wrong as u go into flower and dont get to it in time you can lose ur plants or plant easily. However the upside is you dont need to switch ur light scedual to trigger flower but you really need to be on top and check them every day. There are so many pros and cons for both but remember this always chech ur ph before and after you feed ur plants and always try to check ur run off every water or feed if you get the basics right everything else falls into place another tip is autos cant handle full strenght nutrients to soon always start off with 50%strenght or less for what the scehdual for the brand of nutrients you use. U should fill out a support ticket so we can help you better.