Newbie looking for harvest direction

My son found a seed in his stash so I showed him how to put it between two pieces of wet paper towel to see how it germinates. This was mid May, way too late for NYC’s growing season. After a flowerpot too small, poor soil conditions, miracle grow fertilizer (at first) and only about 6 hrs direct sunlight, I nursed Mary to her current state. Now about 2/3 of the fan leaves have fallen and there’s a whitefly problem I’m dealing with. So now I’m wondering if harvest time is near enough to end the budding fertilizer and begin flushing. Here’s is a few images of Mary’s current state. Sorry for the less than perfect images but a breezy day and $20 micro camera makes my creativity difficult.


I’d appreciate any foresight as to how long to proceed with Mary’s later stages of bloom.

Many thanks and be well…elliot


Yes begin your flush any longer you might miss the sweet spot … any longer you get into degradation tricks look about ready for harvest …strait phd water for last 3 days

I had plants that started inside in April, went outside in May, got eaten by deer mid May and bounced back by the middle of June and are now in full flower, maybe a few weeks behind where yours looks to be at.

Located in NW NJ, so were about the same area.

Hey @elliot welcome to the forum, looks as if you girl is close. The time to harvest is really a personal preference. The more amber Trichomes the more of a sedating or couch lock effect your herb will have. I see she is in a container so you could bring her indoors a little if needed. She does look close, at this point 2 days can make a big difference!

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Much obliged you guys for your quick and timely responses. They are exactly what I had hoped for when I joined this forum earlier. I’ve visited recently and saw how the inmates here contribute to others in need. Again many thanks, and now on to research the next chapter in Mary’s life…elliot


I’m just dropping by to say welcome to ILGM! :v:

I’d say forum member… not inmates that’s what we don’t want lol

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Mid may is not too late.

I’m in VT. Outdoor plants usually finish end of sept to mid oct.

I’d say you have a good 3+ weeks left. Keep doing what your doing. Buds usually pack on weight the last couple weeks.

Hello canna first time to grow anything. I spend summer in the Appalachian mountains,and have some “ white widow “ about six weeks old .it is just now showing some white hairs. Is that where the buds come from?

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Yes, keep an eye on those and they will develop into flower.

Many thanks.any thing helps.

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Actually I harvested a couple of days ago because I saw numerous trichomes turning amber and I really don’t want my crop to be couch potato weed. First time, hope I didn’t panic.
Washed, drying waiting to cure. Maybe I can ask it here:
Just purchased a few mason jars. Is it necessary to boil (sterilize) them before packing them with the fruit of my labor?
62% humidity packs arriving soon.
I will keep you informed.
Be well…elliot

Thank you elliotI need all the help I can get. I am 80 yr.old and don’t have time for a long learning curve.

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