Newbie looking for assurance

I’m just wondering if you guys think my leaves look ok? I had a little issue with slight overwatering but I think I have passed it. Thoughts?

Welcome to ILGM you certainly have come to the fright place. There are lot of knowledgeable fokes here who will be more than happy to help you throughout your grow if need be. And check out the lounge. That’s where we get to know each a little better without support questions.

Anyway your girl looks great. Nice and green. As newbie to grow it would be to your advantage if you read RobertBergmans book called " The. Grow Bible " I poisteda link to it forya and its free
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Scroll down and you’ll see it…ok

Hope this!s help!s

B Safe

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Your seedling looks fine.
But the question is why you thought you over watered it? Peat mixes retain a lot of water, especially in the bottom of the pot. Make sure that you have sufficient drainage holes in your pot. You might also think of adding additional perlite (thr white popcorn looking stuff) to your mix next time you repot. It will help the mix drain quicker. This all becomes important later when you may want to flush excess nutrients from your plant. If the soil drains slowly, that’s going to be a long and laborious task. A good rule of thumb is to use a mix that allows ¼ to ⅓ of the drench water drain out within five minutes of your watering. If it does that, the chances of over watering are minimal.
Hope that helps! :eye::eye:

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Everything helps lol… Thanks for all the insight… however I woke up this morning and noticed some discoloration on my 3 finger leaves…and they feel almost dusty dry… help is that normal

Possibly humidity issues? Mist your leaves if the soil seems to have adequate moisture.

I def have a low humidity usually between 34-45%. I thought I wasn’t supposed to wet leaves when light was on? Oh the newbie struggle lol and here I thought I did all my research lol but I was also told my humidity wasn’t horrible so I didn’t expect any issues

Being an outdoor grower I don’t really have to worry about humidity, so I’m not that sure. I know I sometimes mist my girls, just not when they’re flowering.

I’ve also heard not to do it with the lights on, but sometimes it rains here followed by full sunshine. Perhaps it’s different indoor?

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Have you tried a cool mist humidifier for your humidity issues?
Amazon has some starting at about $30.


30 -45% humidity is pretty good. Yes you can go as high as 60 but then some strains are subject to botritis or bud mold. And you won’t see that until the bud started acting crippled as it tries to elongate.
Some of the hybrids seem to have slightly hairy leaves. Have you tried clipping one off and really examining it under natural light? Blue /red spectrum lights are great for growing but terrible for diagnosing things because they throw the color spectrum off.

Don’t take this as condescending, but cannabis plants are like children. We love the heck out of them, try to give them everything they need plus more and then blame ourselves when they have buck teeth. Lol.
Plants are growing things and like we shed skin cells and hair, they sometimes drop leaves. As long as the plants generally look healthy, you are probably fine.
I read a thread yesterday about someone going crazy thinking he had a copper deficiency in a seedling. He then over medicated it probably exacerbating the problem and finally one of the ILGM team stepped in and said it wasn’t copper at all!
I started ten beans last month. A chicken snapped one in half running over it while two others have obvious genetic issues from this cutting edge breeding. But the other seven look fantastic and that’s a win in my book any day.

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Ok… So the humidity thing is good to know… I have not touched any of the leaves as today was the first sign of its seven fingered leaves… It is the 3 fingered leave that is spotted and it feels almost rough when I run my hand over it. Should I have already pinched and pulled off those 3 fingered leaves? Any advice is appreciated and I actually just looked and they all have like almost a goldish looking spots on them not a ton but enough to worry me

Start by just clipping one, photograph it in natural sun light and repost the photo here or on the diseases thread.
A day or two figuring things out is probably better than randomly clipping things. Leaves are the engines of plants and some of these hybrids seem to be all bud and no plant leaves. So you should be conservative until you know for sure.

This was taken on my porch outside

Hey, I think the reason why they say do not use spray when lights are on is more of a safety thing with light exploding! I have also heard that under hid’s the wet foliage can sunburn. Later, Mike

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I’ve seen it before and I think that it’s leaf miners. They are tiny bugs that lay their eggs in young leaves. When the eggs hatch, the larva eat their way out and leave what looks like silvery spots or trails.
I’m sure there must be a remedy but they seem to be systemic which is contra indicated on anything that you will ingest. My solution is to leave it alone unless it begins to spread near the connection with the trunk. Then I would clip the leaf off. Topical treatments like neem oil or pyrethin are ineffective since the larva is inside the leaf.
Any other ideas out there? I think that the plants will out grow it but I haven’t dealt with it much myself.

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Unfortunatly, none of the pics came out for me? SHe even sent to me again and I got nothing more than a blank box with a ? In the center. Anyway, hope y’all had a good day. Mike

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Thank you all… I’m pretty sure it was a ph issue gonna watch it for a few days… My husband (gonna kill him) used a run off gallon of water to water them instead of actual fresh water and I think that is the culprit… @pigSquishy I definitely get what you’re saying about it needs to be me in the end… Hopefully I’ve figured it out with the help of others from here of course… @Sir_Charles_Kane I hope that’s not it I hope it’s the ph and not bugs lol

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