Newbie lighting?

Buds are looking good, looks like you’re doing good.

Yeah DLI/PPFD is gonna drop at the bottom of plant, just the nature of man made lights - they drop off fast with distance, a DLI of 40 at the canopy will be fine for flowering.


Lol …Thank you for the recognition and tagging me in such a great group …I’m very honored …
I just like to help people in any way i can much like the rest of those mentioned …

I’m not much on indoors lighting or growing …

But I’m gonna be sooner or later !!

The bugs thing however is a byproduct of coming to grips with nature and learning to get along or forget growing outdoors …

I’m a noob grower too…but anytime I can help anyone out with a bug question it’s mostly a result of choosing to try and work with nature …

There’s a lot of things standing in the way of a grower of any type …indoors or out …

You can stop people …
You can stop animals
Ypu can stop watering or stop under watering …
I don’t know of any way to truly stop insects so I figured getting to know them and what they do good or bad just helps

Hey thanks not trying to be that person, new didn’t want to intrude and just start tagging people.
I do have multiple threads open with all different types of questions, lights, flushing, water with nutes. I do know not to post multiple things on 1 topic, but have multiple questions, about different things but now I know just to tag. Like said before thanks to all, would never got this far by myself, kudos to you all


I don’t know specifics on lights other than turning on and off

I’m sure @dbrn32 is more qualified to answer this one

I’m sorry if you felt ignored, I simply did not know the answer so I kept my trap shut as I hate giving wrong advice


Yeah keep in mind everyone here has a day job :rofl:

So just a bunch of obsessed gardeners talking weed and whatever spirals off from there. Best advice I can give you is read. Read everything. Even if you don’t say anything… Following along threads and seeing what comes up and how it’s handled will give you a wicked leg up.

Thanks for the shout out @JWhistler cheers


Lol I’m at my day job now
I pop on during my smoke breaks

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Like before big shout out to u all, like said don’t want to be that dude, now I know just to tag. Thanks to everyone, I read so many threads and topics and can’t say enough great things about the ability to share and help one anothers

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If you tag me and I don’t answer, it’s either that I didn’t see it, didn’t have time to reply or I just don’t know, and stay out of the way for the expert s as I too am a beginner

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@MrPeat so on the pic u posted above should I just cut everything off, have 5-6 stems that are low, where the yellow lines are

Just cut everything off from the soil to 3-4 inches up, just cut off ?

I almost completely strip the bottom third fairly often. I’ll at least pull out the growth tips so that buds aren’t showing up deep where no light gets. I will leave the fan leaves so the plant can eat them up naturally once it goes into flower and you stop feeding as much nitrogen

@Kingkupa Depends on the total height of the plant. I generally drop 1 foot up from the soil.

Now if my plants are over 7 feet, I will drop over 2 feet.

How tall is it?

@JWhistler I feel forgotten :crying_cat_face:


How did I forget you?! Must’ve been the 2 dabs I hit. It’s been a while!

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Poor @Nicky J doesn’t remember him and I tag in too much :rofl:


It’s okay I returned the favour in my post on my journal I just did :joy_cat:

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Just wanted to say thanks again, Went 14-17 inches to canopy. Little uneven .That still gave me good numbers on edges and some good solid # across canopy. Thanks again


I just posted this as a topic but then realized I should have added it to a thread instead. If I need to put this somewhere else, please let me know!

Hi all! We’re newbies here. These beauties are 6 weeks old. We knew we would have to get bigger grow lights eventually and that time has come. Does anyone have a recommendation for a light with a stand? We’re not interested in a hanging light. The window has provided quite a bit of light since it gets direct sunlight in the afternoon. Any advice is appreciated! We do not have a grow tent. I grow other plants but nothing this advanced.

Hey idk new my self but this guy would know way more. @dbrn32 best of luck


The light that you have is unfortunately not going to be powerful enough to get you through veg and flower, even by the window

If you are shooting for buds, which I’d imagine you are, you will have to look at upgrading your light or outdoors grows

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