Newbie lighting?

So do u hang the light using canopy, base of plant as a reference point ? I know dumb ? In perfect world, would have perfect lights, if I hang my light 20 inches from top of canopy DLI, ppfd drops drastically, also if light is that high light can’t reach bud sites on lower parts with enough energy ? Pic below lights around 20-21 inches from base up plant, even if my big plant still leaves around 6-8 between bud site and light. Interested to see what y’all say, thanks


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Welcome to the community!! You need to load your pictures again and be sure to let them load all the way until it says 100% before you hit reply. :blush:

I know, don’t know what happened but there the pic, if want any more info I have the Growing GSCX autos thread going as well, always like to see y’all feed back thanks again

Usually you measure from the top of the canopy. This keeps the light from getting too close the top and burning them.


Canopy all day long. Lovely looking girls in there

Thanks a lot so should I raise them and if so how high? Or keep close eye to see if I have light burn, reason I ask is I know those 2 lights are bad I’m just asking them to do more then they are able. My thought process keep as close as possible without light burn, because I know they aren’t the most powerful, efficient, high dollar lights. If I go 20 inches from canopy, won’t the buds on the sides and bottom will not grow ? Will not get any light ?

That’s where pruning comes in. You’d rather under developed bottom buds (that you could leave to Katie after harvesting tops of you wanted) than scorched top buds and A+ popcorn.

Also this

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Ok I understand where u are coming from, BUT I move my light 20-30 inches top of canopy like I said DLI and ppfd drops. DLI drops to teens at bottom and only mid 30 high 40 at top that’s not enough for DLI in flower. Been using the photone app to help DLI, both lights I have cocco for canibas dot com did review and have par charts on, which I am using help determine my average ppfd.

May have to upgrade lights. Biggest thing is you don’t want to burn your tops. If you can hold your hand at canopy height and your hand doesn’t get hot you should be fine where your lights are. Just know that your lights may not be powerful enough to flower that entire grow area.

Got cha already did that, have the 2 fans at canopy level keeping it kool. Plus u can’t tell from pic but coming in back of tent an ac duct brings in cold air. Ac duct, 10 inch fan and made a tunnel that blows it right into tent. Added the other light cause it was starting to stay to cold in tent , low 70. Pushing around 245 watts in a 27,27 so that should be plenty of watts per square ft. I’m new but done the math, posted something like this before and a moderator told me to dis regard the 40-50 watts a sq ft rule. So idk that’s y I’m asking. Sorry it’s a lot but no one else wants to help me :cry:. I have 3 different threads going and can not get a moderator to chime in and help, idk y? Filled out multiple support forums and nothings? Is it because I don’t have HLG lights or a high dollar operation going on. Idk sorry thanks for all help

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They get busy and I believe most if not all are volunteers just here helping people. Best thing to do is tag them in with a question. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. They enjoy helping. But aren’t able to see every single post. Use that @ symbol to tag people. Some good ones to go to are as follows

@dbrn32 light guru
@Covertgrower well rounded can help all over
@Underthestairs is fairly new but knows his stuff
@Hellraiser well rounded
@AfgVet knows her stuff and will help
@MrPeat well rounded knows a lot
@Lacewing seems to know a lot about bugs :bug:
@Mark0427 another well rounded
@Mr_Wormwood fairly new but knows a good bit

I’m sure I missed several but that will get you started!


U saying I’m fat?? Well rounded. I take offense to that lmao.


The bottom of the plant will never truly develop. They don’t get enough light. Many drop the bottom so the tops get all the energy. Thus bigger flowers.

I used to not drop the bottom but I do now.

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Like always thanks again guys this forum is great place to learn, just trying to figure what do to do first time and everything, trying not to mess up to bad lol thanks again

Hey round is a shape too! :rofl::rofl:


This may be reason why. If you keep posting all over the place its extremely difficult to keep track of.

This was me. Quantifying amount of energy used is useless when not every light emits same amount of light per watt. 250 watts of one light can be a lot and 250 watts of another light may not be very much at all. You don’t need to have fancy lights for me to be willing to help you, but I have no idea where your lights compare to lights im familiar with. Starting a new topic and rewording your questions isn’t going to change what I know.

You should hang your light where you get the best balance of coverage and intensity at your canopy level.


Definitely tag a mod (or anyone for that matter) as there are so many posts on a daily basis I know I only see a potion of them. But I always check for posts I’m tagged in.

I am not a light person, @dbrn32 is our guy for that


So true. Then we get answers spread out over 5 different journals.


One of y’all want to combine his threads into his main one?