Newbie lighting recommendations

Hey folks been a lurker for a little while now hoping to get a few light recommendations to adequately light a 4x4 grow tent. Plan on growing 4 plants. I know HLG lights seem to highly recommended which hlg would be best. Also would like some good cheaper options if anyone has a few. Thanks guys looking forward to all the info and being part of the community!

VIPARSPECTRA XS4000 LED Grow Light Use with Samsung LM301B Diodes & MeanWell Driver, 4x4ft Dimmable Full Spectrum Plant Grow Light for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Seeding Veg and Bloom ( opinions on this light as well)

Welcome to the community. @dbrn32 is the light guru

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All depends on what you want to spend really. Hlg has something like 4 lights that are adequate or better for a 4x4. Hlg-600 was on sale for $700, with discount code that should be under $650. Hlg-650r and scorpion Diablo would be superior lights, but also more expensive.

If you’re going to stray from one of the bigger names, I would go for bar styled light. Like one of the knock offs of fluence spydr. Just do your homework and get something you can find feedback from real growers on.

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It would be helpful if you told us your budget a good light for a 4x4 can cost 500 to 1000 bucks

@dirtydave @dbrn32 I was kinda thinking around 700-750ish tops. I was looking at this one here, or would there be a better option from hlg for similar $ ? I seen it looks like some guys were running 2 260w

Thanks for the input so far

That’s a excellent choice the two 260’s give you more flexibility with light height

We aren’t authorized to link hlg. But I agree it’s great fixture. Having the two 260 xl kits offers little better coverage in and flexibility in 4x4. That’s why you see so many like that. Hlg-600 use to be $1050 too.