Newbie LED light question

This might be a question with an obvious answer, but I’ve been reading and searching and can’t find a cut and dry response.

I know the rule of thumb is too keep your LED fixture a certain height above the canopy to allow proper DLI. But why can’t you mount the fixture up high, say, near your exhaust fan intake, and use the dimmer to achieve the desired DLI for your plants needs?

Is there a variable I’m missing that can only be achieved with the lights closer to the canopy?

I have a Hyphotonflux HPF4000 in an AC Infinity 5x5 tent.

That can work in veg but in flower the plants will need more intense light so you’ll have to move it closer then there’s the power factor why run your light at full power if you don’t have to hard on the wallet hard on the driver hard on the diodes IMO

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Artificial light behaves differently than sunlight. You certainly can attenuate your light that way and some height is necessary to get coverage on plants, but getting lights as close as possible and dimming saves money and reduces the heat.

My diy lights sit 5" or so from the top of my canopy and I adjust from there using the dimmer.


You certainly can do this. Just not always the most efficient way to do things as @Myfriendis410 pointed out.

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