Newbie: just different genetics?

I have a newly fabricated indoor hydroponics system. The primary target plans are in a deep water system with a drain and top irrigation.

There is a second setup for produce /vegetables that are in a drain tube setup.

Both are fed through a reservoir. The primary reservoir has an aerator and both of the 5 gal buckets have aeration stones.

The lighting is a 400 watt MH system that has a fan to cool the light/ fixture.

I use RO filtered water as the base and General Hydroponics nutrients. The first feeding after sprouting was the general purpose formula. Just today I switched to the aggressive vegetative growth. The source water registered ph 6.4 and tds 0. Pre-RO, ph 6.8, TDS 75. With the aggressive growth, ph 5.4 and tds 1340. It is a Vivosun PH meter, so may not be so accurate.

Both seeds:
Started November 30th (ILGM autoflower feminized White Widow)
Root emerged Dec 1 and moved to Rock wool
shoot emerged Dec 5 for one, Dec 7th on other
Seedlings under seed starter light(20 hours), purified water only
Moved to full hydro system on 12/20 with general purpose nutrients
Aggressive growth formula on 1/3

Clearly one plant has a bit of yellow mottling and some slight curling of leaf edges. The other plant is clearly thriving. Is this just a difference in genetics as both were handled the same and had identical nutrients and environment.

I am very happy with progress of one plant and just curious about progress of 2nd plant.


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Welcome to the forum.

You’ll have to wait for all the pics to fully upload before posting. We can only see one. The rest didn’t upload to the site.

@Myfriendis410 or @HappyHydroGrower are great hydro resources. Let’s see what they have to say. I’m not familiar with hydro setups.


Curious, I see just the one photo as well, should I post photos again?

I think I want patient enough. Perhaps one at a time until I get accustomed to this.

Right after moving to Hydro


After returning from holiday week.


From today with leaf pics.

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To answer your question directly - yes, genetic differences can affect growth rates, even if the seeds came from the same plant. For instance, I am 5’10. My brother is 6’4".

The look of the leaf in the last close-up pic posted is normal leaf variegation and it is nothing to worry about.

They look healthy.

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Thanks @MidwestGuy !

@NLB your plants look great. Exactly like Midwest mentioned. Plants are like kids, all different shapes and sizes.

It’s not uncommon to have the same strain but different looking plants.

Also, like mentioned the last picture is what is called TMV.

That is also somewhat common. Nothing to be concerned about.

Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

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I think this is normal variegation: have had many plants with one or two leaves like this. TMV is rare and I’ve never seen anyone on the forum that had it.

Agreed. Looks not at all uncommon. I grew a gdp with variegated leaves and holy cow was it potent!