Newbie ? is Scrog the same as LST?

with all of the data on the web, is Scrogging the same as LST? I have 5 plants tht I have topped and placed under a screen. as they grow I keep tucking them back under the screen forcing them to bush out and grow horizontally. am I scrogging or just training?

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Low stress training is bending the branches so the lower nodes get light and ultimately bud. Scrogging is basically lst’ing under the net, just allows the plant to grow horizontally instead of vertical and you don’t have to tie branches down as you would without the net. The answer to your question is you are doing both…

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You are scroging. LST is where you tie the plant down to keep it from getting too tall and to help have a flat even canopy

Thank you for the straight simple answer. the more I read the more confusing it gets. you guys are Great!

Nugbucket has some good tutorials on training techniques, just you tube or Google them. Good luck if you need anything just holler

Just a little further clarification… Scrog is a form/type of LST, amongst others, like tying down branches.

Scrog combines HST and LST. Most scrog setups involve topping (HST) the plants, and then routing (LST) them through the screen. It’s a hybridization of 2 methods.

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Both training and sog you have the best of both worlds…lol


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