Newbie Indoor White Widow Autoflower

Hello all
Newbie indoor. White Widow Autoflower. Three gallon bags. About 5 weeks bags. 20-4. 4x4x80.
Coco Loco in bottom of bag and Happy Frog in top half. Equal parts. Been using Fish and kelp so far. Small amounts of Miracle grow. Just ordered some Tiger bloom.
If using Tiger bloom do I need cal-mag or anything else for that matter?
Long storyline but began with Ten seedlings and 7 died because due. to underwatering. I then planted another six seeds and paid closer attention. i just removed one plant because of chronic yellow spots and it was the smallest and I gave up on it… One of the survivors is my favorite a. plant. Started training this week and happy with results so far. Will up load photos soon.


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They all look healthy enough so far but do I see 2 plants in one container? I would remove the smallest if so.

Mixing two different grow mediums like that may cause problems. They are treated differently under normal circumstances.

8 plants in that space is gonna be crowded. What lights are you using?


I am using a Barrina BU 2000 with 816 LED. So far so good.

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I just checked PH in the bag. All bags check 6.0.
Is dolamite the primary method to adjust?
Is cal-mag needed when using Tiger Bloom?

I am learning my lesson on number of plants in the tent. Got a little excited there… me thinks.

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The tini tiny plant was germinated at the same time as the plant in the lower right corner. Kind of a freaky plant. It was just one odd leaf to start with. Only since I put in with the other has it beginning to grow. Planted weeks ago. Felt sorry for it. If it ever looks like it will get going will move it to its one pot. It is in coco plug

I am no help there. I am in straight soil mix. Ph is not really an issue for me. I believe dolomite is a slow fix though.

Claims 200w draw. You really need 560w for 16sq.ft.
35w per sq ft is what I have seen recommended. I am using 4x4 space (1/2 of my 4x8 tent) and have 2x150w LEDs for 300w total. My plant canopies stay within a 2x4 area on a table. That is 8 sq. ft. (35w x 8sq.ft.=280w needed)


This light is only 200w. It will be ok for 1 or 2 plants, but you should fiqure at least 40w per square foot. Coco and soil require different ph.


Thanks for timely response. Searched on this site and found dolamite mentioned to adjust PH. A google search after I asked the PH question, saw baking soda also will work.

Thank both of you for the lighting advice. With your info, I will order another Barrina light.
Coco Loco is a coco soil mix from Fox Farm. I will prolly stay with the Happy Frog next time.

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Like others have said, coco and soil are different mediums requiring different attention. Most growers will put a layer of FF Happy Frog or mix it to dull down the OF, because it’s hot. But coco needs a pH of 5.8-6.0, with soil being between 6.2-.8. The 2 different mediums could cause pH issues, and it wouldn’t be surprising if that’s what’s causing some of your spots.

Also, I’d stick with one nutrient line. Not many growers use anything from Miracle Grow. FF nutes are good, but you really need the full trio (Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom) for your plants to get the full benefit. They’re a good lineup, just pricey and take a lot of work to mix and properly pH. And yes, cal/mag is recommended along with them.

Others got you on the lighting. Plants stretch a lot when flowering starts and good, quality light coverage helps keep the buds tight and solid. Poor lighting during flower will result in the buds feeling like cotton balls and we want boulders.

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I am working on the lighting.
I ordered another Barrina and have old lighting from over 5 years ago that will also use. I have some autoflower seeds left over and some feminized GDP seeds for my 5x5x80 tent.
Live and learn. My last grow from 5 years ago was bag seeds. Prices have come down allot on hardware and so has selection. Five years ago buying seeds online seemed very risky. Now it is Google pay and away we go … field goal!

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Septoria … few weeks ago or so diagnosed a plant with septoria. Clipped the leaves and the next day or so it came back and pulled the plant because it was runty anyway. I now have another plant with yellow spots. Clipped the leaves and took photos


Question is. What is treatment? fungicide?

There are 3 lamps in the tent now totaling 600 watts. Thanks for mentioning that bro.

Photos showing my rinky dink attempts at LST.
Getting little anxious.
The photo of leaf to me looks like others that describe sulfur deficiency.

Are you spraying your plants? That just may likely the cause of the spots. Foliar spraying/feeding isn’t recommended.

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We had sprayed the plants with water. Starting last night I Foliar sprayed the plants per instructions on Tiger bloom bottle.