Newbie in need of advice

Hi, new to all this and trying granddaddy purple. Seemed to start off well but 1 em in noticed dropping. First noticed when pots were dry so I watered and nothing changed. The leaves also dont seem dark green. I’m growing using full spectrum LED lights and I’m happy frog organic soil. The pics are from two weeks in. Still seems to be producing new leaves and almost have 3 nodes. I was watering with tap water but just switched to distilled with pH of 6.3. I didn’t think I needed to worry about fertilizer this soon in the grow either. Any help appreciated!!

Distilled water doesn’t have any minerals in it. When it is used to water the plant at a minimum it adds no minerals and at worst can draw minerals from the grow medium.

I recommend getting a water report and see what’s in your water. You can probably get it online if you’re on a municipal system. If you’re on a well you might have to get it tested. As long as it’s drinkable and not too high in sodium it can be used after removing chlorine/chloramine.

Also, you didn’t mention how intense your light is. If it’s cranked up the plant could be getting a bit too much light which can lighten the color, cause it to uptake nutrients and water faster due to higher rate of photosynthesis, close the stomata so it’s not getting the CO2 it needs, etc.

I would give them a good water and if u have seasol seaweed liquid put a one ml of liquid in the water if u dont have seasol use molasses half teaspoon mixed with ph water

Great thought. I did find my water is treated with chloramine and have looked at ways to remove it and not easy to that’s why I switched to spring water (not distilled; my mistake). Reverse osmosis possibly in the future. My lights are 18in from the plants. I also just bought a grow tent, fan and filter so maybe that will help. The lights are cranked all the way up. Maybe that’s part of the problem too.

I’ll see if I can find some seasol. Thanks!

No worries jbs333

@MeEasy uses, I believe, uses vitamin C to remove the chloramines. I’ve tagged him so he can tell how how he does it.

Have you chosen a nutrient line yet? If not, use the search function here on the forum to get some ideas. Research first before you spend a lot of money on products you don’t need or don’t work for you.

Also read through some of the grow journals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Plus the moderators do a fantastic job to keep out trolls and disruptive types.


Thanks so much. I really appreciate your feedback and hoping my plants make it!

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I hope you have a successful grow!

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Thanks for the tag Ms @JaneQP , hi @Jbs333 I use ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C) to neutralize the chloramine it takes a tiny amount for a gallon and it’s cheap stuff. It does lower the ph just a little. I saw you have your light at 18" that might be why the plant is droopy. What light do you have? Might be to strong for such a young plant


I was thinking the same and if u use tap or mix anything with the water are u thing the water before u feed. That is a must also. pH is super important for nutrient uptake.


Great tip, I will definitely give it a try! I switched to mineral water, adjusted the pH to 6.2 and treated one seedling with it. Now it’s a darker green overnight. Still a bit droopy so raised my lights so hoping that will help. Thanks again!

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Oh and using spider light led

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Which spider? They have a bunch but even the 1000 would be to much at 18" until right before flower. My spider farmer is 48" away but it’s a big light

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