Newbie here. Will take any advice can get

Hi. First time grower and first time user. Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma Cancer 2 years ago.

Looking for advice on strains that are good for pain, nausea, apetite stimulant, insomnia.

I just planted my first three ladies here (all autoflower)…whom yes I have named…Berry (Blueberry), Mary (Amnesia Haze) and Aurora (Northern Lights.)

Figured it was best to start small with just a couple plants til I get the hang of things. Growing indoors using a grow tent. Temp has maintained staying around 69-75 degrees and humidity stays around 50-60%. I just started giving them darkness 4 days ago for 8 hrs a day. My ladies seem to be growing pretty good I guess, I planted them 16 days ago.


Welcome seems to be going well. What sort of lights are you using? What about nutes? What medium are you using? We’ll help.
@Covertgrower @Noctis420 @Nicky @Myfriendis410

Here’s just a few people that are really great and can help with tons.


They’re looking good, what kind of soil are you growing in ? Just curious because of it’s 2 tone color. I name my plants, my 1st grow before I found forum I had a very tall sativa so I called her Amazon that’s where part of my name is from the 66 is how old I was when they legalized medical marijuana in Oklahoma. I’ll set to watch you and see how much fun we can have growing cannabis lol


I’ve set to watch as well to help as much as possible.

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I bought all my growing medium, nutrients etc for planting from A Pot For Pot. Using LED grow lights.


What kind of led though? So much to lights. Do you know the brand?

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I think the two tone coloring may been because when I first planted them the first few days I had some humidity issues, was staying really high. I almost was afraid I was going to loose them but things leveled off and they really started taking off.

High humidity is ideal in seedling stage. The roots haven’t formed strong yet so they get moisture through the leaves more at that age. A lot of people dome seedlings for that reason, putting a clear cup or something of that sort over it.

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And are you ph’ing your water?


How high are the lights above the plants as well as what brand are they, so we have an idea of what you’re working with. Led is a broad spectrum… lol.

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LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants,2020 New Design Full Spectrum Panel Plant Light with IR & UV LED


Material: ABS

Lifetime: 30,000H

Power: 25W Halogen Equivalent

Input Voltage: 85-265V 50/60Hz

Panel Size: 12.2X4.68X1.16in (310X119X29.5mm)

LED Chips: 75 LED (32Red+7Blue+2UV+2IR+32White)

I bought 2 off this is all it said about them. They are about 2ft above.

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Thanks for the tag @Shaggy

Welcome @Marie73 to the community and thus the forums, I have set your thread to watching so I can provide you with some assistance along the way.

Your off to a good start, and buying the pot for a pot was a good way to ensure your success early on.
@MattyBear knows a little bit more about the pot and the medium it’s self.

@Shaggy has a valid question we all would like to know and that’s why type of LED’s do you have?
Your going to need to buy some better lights I’m sorry to say, probably around the 300$ mark.
Those lights won’t last much longer before your plants out grow them, sorry for the bad news.
Can you link us directly to the lights amazon page, it’s okay to share amazon links but that’s about it.

Essential equipment is a quality PH pen (aphera or blue labs are the trusted ones) and any tds meter, both can be found in Amazon for a decent price.
You will also need PH up and PH down in order to dial in your water to the correct PH prior to diving your little girls a drink.
Be sure to leave your water out for 24hr to allow the chlorine to evaporate as well as it settle at room temperature.

Lots of details to get in so you will be successful, we will start asking you a bunch of questions and you will be asking us a bunch later :sweat_smile:


@dbrn32 is our master lightsmith here. He can teach you a lot more about them. For future reference.
I’m sure @Nicky is about to drop a ton of info and help with the lights. I’m about to crash.


I’m in the same boat I have to crash, but I’ll be on in 9hr.

Edit. The Northern lights strain will help with those ailments you want to address, so that’s good.
We can worry about other strains next grow but let’s focus on making this one successful.


@Nicky no problem, you’re one of the people on this late, well late where I’m at, that I always run into helping a lot. So I figured why not tag. Lol.
Anyways, night guys and gals. I’ll pop in here in the morning.

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Share as much info about your setup as you can, are you venting your air with an exhaust fan outside of the house?

Please share the amazon link of your lights with us I can help you dial them in a bit better until we get you lights that will produce bud, you have about 2-4 weeks before you Need to upgrade your lights but the sooner the better.

Be sure not to over water your plants in the mean time.
I’ll check back in the am.

@Shaggy it’s because I’m in Canada and a slightly different time zone =p


I’m in the US. Florida. But it’s still late. lol.

As far as the strains @MrPeat is very knowledgeable about pain management strains and would definitely be worth asking.


Honestly, for pain CBD strains will work well as well as indica strains. Indicas help tons with relaxing and pain(most of the time, not always because Terps play an important roll in all that.)

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I am heading out the door but I will drop one name of a CBD strain that will melt your pain away and still be functioning.

G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. I LOVE this one. It took the pain away from a Terminal Cancer Patient where the cancer was all throughout his body. He didn’t get a head buzz. You can get it from Attitude and probably from G13 Labs directly.

Patient with Ovarian Cancer knocked her out counting sheep and no pain.

Me: I get about a 15 minute head high then transitions into a major body high for about 1 hour. I don’t think I smoke more than a 1/2 gram at night. I have a super high tolerance to all things. :+1::+1::+1:

Peach Puree is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.