Newbie here trying to get it right

Hello all and thanks for having me. I’m looking forward to growing some meds as I’ve been on prescription drugs for a while since I’ve had 3 back surgeries. Nuff said here are my questions and some explaining.

  1. I’ve bought a Super mix with Gorrila.Glue, Bruce Banner and Girl Scout Auto flower.
  2. I’ve also purchased a grow tent 48x24x60
  3. I’ve purchased an Led grown light 1000w.
  4. I’ve purchased Fox Farms Ocean Orangic soil.
  5. Peat pods
  6. And the Fox farms 3 pack of Nutrients.

Now that’s done with. Here are the questions I’ve been looking for answers for.

  1. With Fox Farm soil when do I need to start the nutrients? And how often do I use them if I even need them? Confused since.i see people with this long nutrient list. But it seems The Fox Farm Ocean seems to be packed with stuff.
  2. Light distance from the canopy of the crop? I’ve seen different distances.
  3. How important is the cfm and filter? It’s legal to grow here and I have a 600sqft garage at my disposal.
  4. I’m on a budget and I feel like I’ve spent alot already.
    Last but not least, Since I have the Fox Farm should I add regular soil to it to kinda thin it out? I had to order cause no one locally had it. If so what should I mix with.
    Thank you for all the help seeds will be here soon and all ordered items will be here in the next few days. Just want to set up amd get it going…I don’t want to rush things just want to do them right.

Thank you for reading.


First up - Welcome!!!
Great start on the info and it sounds like you are on the right track! Your LED light will be the make/ break of your kit. Sadly there are some crappy “1000W” lights around. Yours might be ok - but some more specs on that would help.
On to the questions

  1. I use Canna soil - but they are both considered ‘hot’ soils as they have nutes in them. You should get 4-5 weeks of veg without needing to add nutes. Get yourself some Cal Mag or similar and run that from the start - they will love you for it.
  2. Stay between about 18 - 24 inches and you will be pretty right - but watch the light dispersion to make sure the whole canopy gets best light available.
  3. Airflow is critical. It will minimise any risk of mold and other nasties capable of ruining the grow.
  4. I wouldn’t be thinning a product that works for its purpose. If money is tight ongoin, you might want to look at mixing your own living soil - not sure how big you are looking to go…

Happy to help - have fun!!!


So you say use Cal mag? Ok how often should I be using with in the watering? You say use this from the start. Start as from seeding or start as in I have them in the pot with FFO?
And again how often should I use the Cal Mag.

Thank you for the warm welcome. Also so for the clarity. I’m legally allowed 4 grow at any one time so that is what I’m going with.

I understand Airflow is critical, and fans will be in the tent. But do I really need a filter with dicing and a fan hooked up?
Thank you


I use calmag 1tsp/gallon each watering tapering down to 1/2tsp towards the end of flower.

Water with the other nutes time starts after its transplanted into final pots with FF soil.

Controlling temps and humidity are important to a successful grow. Fresh air.

You can also check with the manufacturer to find the recommended distance from canopy.

Same here… All my lumbar is herniated… Lowest being bone on bone… Then I dislocated my spine at L3-L4… simply driving over train tracks.

Some people just don’t understand how traumatic back pain can get. The herb has definitely been a life changer.

Good luck!


Thank you I feel your pain. So is call mag while in Peet plug and stop using it after I put into perm home? Above said the FFOS had enough Nutrients for at least 4 to 5 weeks. Just don’t want to over do it.
I hope you yourself gets better. I’ve had 3 back surges in 2 years I hate it being so young.

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For me I soak the seeds over night in RO water with a capful of hydrogen peroxide, if no taproot shows, I place them into damp paper towels and place that in a sandwich baggy and put that in a cupboard for a night or so… It has always worked 100% for me.

After soaking the plugs and wringing out to moist, I then take the seed and place it in the plug hole taproot down. I then put that in a solo cup with soil…the cups have three slots cut into the bottoms for drainage.

Keep light on them 24/day on low if you have it until they sprout. Moisten only when necessary. Switch to 18/6 and keep tge light at recommended height abive the plant tops. Once the seedling leaves are big enough to reach the outside lip if the solo cup transplant inyo your final size pot… I use 7 gallon fabric pots but don’t grow autos… Yet.

I water the cups to run off when needed with RO water. The same once transplanted. Starting nutrients as @Budz420 suggest timer starting after the final transplant is completed. Start at half the recommended dosage and slowly work up to the recommended doses of the FF. I usually keep my watering pH at 6.5. Humidity and Temp I use a VPD chart like this one:

If you don’t care about the smell a filter isn’t necessary.

If you do use a filter no reason to use it until your plants begin to stink.

Some strains stink more than others.


Air flow is important. Odor control is preferential.

I hate be bear bad news, but you will be disappointed in your buds for 4 plants in a space that size with the light you posted.

With an output of 110 watts you’ll be easy under powered = fluffy airy bud



Continue the use of cal/mag through the grow is my understanding. I use it every other watering and I am 5 weeks in flower. I have 3 plants in a 2x4.

Also do you have pH and TDS meters? Don’t skimp on the pH meter. Apera is good. TDS meter is about $15 on Amazon. These will be very helpful monitoring your nutrient solutions in and out.

Sorry if you already know all this. I was completely clueless my first grow and just want you to avoid the mistakes I made.


So what do you recommend? Working on a budget. How many plants could I do with this light?

I just got the ph and tds meter.
What light are you using in that area. Seems this has been a toss up. I thought I had it figured out but yesterday it arrived in a million pieces. So I’m sending back. I’m on a budget so I’m trying to keep cost low.

Ok. So first understand that what you got would be a good light if it was as advertised. But for following canopy you want about 35 watts for sqft of plant canopy when using quality lights. And quality matters

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As soon as lights come on I will let you know. I have three cheap blurples and each pulls 105 Watts. Here’s a pic of my three girls. I think this is 3 weeks since I flipped to 12/12.

What’s your budget for the light? It will be one of the most important factors of how your plants grow.

I started with Amazon Greengo 1200w burple lights… But like you was kind of tricked by the info they provide, i was lucky enough to be able to sell all four i ended up buying. HLG, if you can afford it is great. I switched and the difference has been amazing. Believe the hype.

This is girls scout cookies extreme starting week 6 after 12/12 flip under hlg lights:


Hope my fatten up like yours. Both strains I have say medium sized buds.

I have three 600 Watt Philzons the actual draw is 100 Watts each. Roughly 32 Watts per square foot. I bought them on Amazon when they were on sale. My first grow I tried five plants under two lights in an empty 2x4 closet. Only harvested about 7 ounces but gained a lot of knowledge from the great growers here.

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DAMN!!! Look at all those beautiful tri-comes, looks like a sugar doughnut, yum, I just smoked almost a whole bowl of Ice Cream Cake (it usually takes me like 3-4 bowls of Dispo bud to get me this high…
I got the munchies, BIG TIME), And keep us posted with pics!!!

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