Newbie here, scared ...not enough time to harvest

Granny here, friend gave me pot to help me with migraine 3 months ago. I have never used it before and was amazed how it worked over all the meds I’m on for them. Anyway I planted 3 plants, not in a very good spot with not enough sun. Finally they started to flower after someone on the forum told me to crop them. They flowered Aug 8th and I read they will take 2 months until harvest. I don’t have 2 months, first predicted frost is Sept 3rd. What should I do, take a look at how they look now.

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are they in pots or in the ground? If in pots just move them indoors,…a shed or something, when it is going to frost… if they are in the ground then you will need a frost barrier to cover them with… maybe something like this…

they can still be grown in the cold but it is going to take extra care on your part. It looks as if you are doing really damned well for your first grow… next year you know to plant in the spring, lol… also, you may consider ordering some auto seeds, they !@#$ing rock… smaller plant but much faster harvest

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These are in the ground, planted outside in the spring. They grew tall and gangly because of not enough sun, so planted where I could. (Neighbors) They didn’t flower until until August 8th. I live in Minnesota and we’re suppose to have a early frost. Can they stand 29 degrees?

cover them when it is going to be cold,…and perhaps run a small electric heater under the cover?.. sustained time below freezing is gonna hurt… need to alleviate that shit before it happens.

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I made a black cloth top for them suspended by a curtain rod. This was made before they flowered when someone told me to force them to flower. I can use that when it gets cold. Have you grown Northern Lights Feminized before? I was wondering what the flower looked like when ready to harvest.

I have not… but they should look something like this a couple months in…

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So they don’t turn Amber, thought I read that somewhere.

all of these designer smokes are hybrids of one type or another. That being the case, you will have different phenotypes and they will express themselves differently… since you are looking at some intense cold during flowering…there is actually a good chance your plants may turn purple before harvest.

now, there are these little crystals that will be on the plant…buds, leaves, and often even stems,…they look white to the naked eye… get up nice and close and you can see they will be clear… these are what is called “Trichomes”… what we called THC crystals way back in the day… these are what you want to start turning amber before you harvest… not completely, but some… the amount varies pending what type of high you want associated with your smoke… fewer amber means you will have more energy and motivation to get shit done around the house… mostly amber…and you will find yourself sitting all day on the couch drooling on your chin… since you have headaches I would recommend fewer amber trichomes as that lends itself to more of a head high…and headaches are in the head… might not be medically the best answer but it makes sense to me. You do need to have some amber trichomes as going without any often causes the weed to produce an anxious high…sometimes causing anxiety and paranoia…we all want to avoid that crap, right?

this pic demonstrates some amber and some clear, and some milky… all trichomes at least milky, with around 20-30 percent amber is what you will likely be looking for.
you can get a 60x jewelers loupe on amazon for under 10 bucks that will help you to see your trichomes up close and personal.

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Hey Bobbi. Oak is right that you can cover them but when it gets that cold, you will also need to find a way to keep them warm as he stated. I read from Grow Weed Easy that around the 50 degree mark or thereabouts that it shuts down or stops growing. I’m going from memory here so I’m sure I’m off. I don’t believe it will kill it but it will certainly stunt the growth. Now I live next door to you so I know how cold you can get there. Though their wrong about the frost coming that early. But you most certainly don’t have 2 months unless we get a warm fall which can and has happened as you well know. Do what you can to make it thru this grow and give serious consideration to indoor growing.
You mentioned neighbors so you don’t need unwanted attention of course. As this is your first time growing probably have no idea how much smell these plants can put off. Even Northern Lights as that’s supposed to not smell as much as others from what I hear. Having never grown it myself I can only tell what I’ve read. That would be my advice. Though MN has passed the med mj law, I don’t believe they passed anything that says you can grow your own. Not that I’m aware of anyway.
Good luck to you on this and here’s to hoping you make it thru to harvest.

I re-checked the farmers almanac and you’re right, it’s October 3rd, NOT Sept 3rd. I’ll have to keep a close eye on them and the temperature.

Yeah, you should be fine. Just keep an eye on weather,and cover at dusk if a freeze is predicted. You have time yet.

Mikea…After a 1 1/2 years wait, I finally got into a neurologist that specializes in migraines at the Rochester Mayo Clinic. She doesn’t give out prescriptions for medical cannabis but there is one under the Mayo system that does. I have to make an appointment with him/her and I’m guessing it’s a long wait. I’m going to check with my insurance company 1st to see if they will cover the prescription before I make the appointment. Yes, I shouldn’t be growing these but it’s illegal to buy street pot too and at least I know what I’m getting by growing my own. Not sure if I’ll get anything this year. Thanks for all the advice everyone is giving me.


One other thing I should mention, two street lights. Plants are on south west end next to garage, street light on north side of garage. No direct hit on plants but it doesn’t get real dark. Other street light is blocked by our house. Do
My plants need pitch darkness?

Mine get hit by some light at night and have done fine.

would you suggest covering them at night, partially?

I would leave them be. I try not to mess around with them anymore than I have to after they start flower

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It’s passed 8 weeks, lots of brown pistles and a few amber on one branch near the top. I was infested with mites and just treated them a couple of days ago, don’t see anything crawling today. It’s been 46 degrees the last couple of nights so I’m covering them good. During the day I have a grow light on them for about 10 hours since the sun is now behind the woods to our south. Check out the pictures and let me know how far off do you think until I can harvest?

I cant really see your trichs but it looks like you are close…all of the pistels have turned but some of that may be due to the cold… get a good look at your trichomes, you may be at harvest time already.

I can’t take any closer picture then this, it gets out of focus.I went out and took two feeble pictures through my loop, does that help?

those are pretty good pics but for some reason my computer is not letting me enlarge them right now.
in answer to your question about the mites…they are pretty tiny…I am relatively sure the vast majority of dead mites will blow off in the wind.