Newbie here- PPM and status check

Lol, after getting on here they were on my mind everyday. I tried to be smart and buy the tent kits only to learn that wasn’t smart Lolol and those lights weren’t getting me through flower.

I have a 2x4 with a Vs2000, and an hlg 65 v2. I debate throwing in the vs1000 also? Spent a little more than anticipated getting setup, trying to see if I can get through a harvest and kick things up from there.

In the 3x3 (I think it’s really 2.7x2.7) I have the SF above.

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Maybe a single bar light on one side.

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I believe this one here is a boy? Or too early?

And this one a little too early, start of a new flower? or same :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::cry:?

I think I just need to pack one.

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I think thats a dude, but I’d wait for more input, I’m a little green :sunglasses:

Unfortunately that is a male plant. I’ll get you some more confirmation though bro.
@Graysin @OGIncognito @ConcreteBudz

@WhatsupDoc @The_Chef I am thinking so thanks for pulling in help. Wouldn’t be he half this far without this forum and all of you!

Thinking both? I just realized pics on number 2 didn’t post well.

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Absolutely male.


@graysin thank you.

Heartbreaking stuff :man_facepalming:

Can you get a good close up of both? I just don’t see the white pistils and see nuts.
@SilvaBack203 @MeEasy @Tylersays

Bringing in a few more for 100% confirmation

I figured as much. That really sucks.

Whatever you do. Don’t throw the towel in on growing. It happens to the best of them.

Half the :tent:. I’ll grab some better pics outside tent in a sec

These were from crappy bank I haven’t even heard of, well before I found this forum. Buddy of mine popped 4 and had 3 go male. Looking like the same rate here. I think the other tent has some boys also

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Well take pics of everything you got growing so we can see. You definitely have to get rid of them if you end up having some girls amongst them.

They are coming!! I agree! Here’s that one up close:

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Yep. Male plant(s).

Thanks @The_Chef

Here’s another:
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Sorry my friend. Yep… they gotta go. How many plants do you have total growing? Definitely look at all of them. If you see this then it’s a keeper.

Yes definitely male sorry my friend