Newbie here please help

What’s wrong with my plants???
I’m using fox farms ocean forest

Soil is probably a little hot for her. She should grow out of it. Just won’t be pretty for a little while. Fox farms of is a hot soil. Won’t need any nutes for 4-6 weeks. Probably closer to the 6 week mark.

When watering are you checking ph?

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May also be water droplets on top of your leaves. Water droplets act like a magnifying glass and can burn the leaves under bright light


I’m a first timer how do I ph the water

I a 1000w bestiva veg n bloom

Sorry have

Get this or something close to ph water, also you may need a ppm pen, and a ph pen of testing


Thanks I just ordered one yesterday

You will need a ph meter. Apera ph 20 is about the cheapest I would get. The Amazon ones aren’t worth having.

The ph up and down that @Kingkupa posted would work.

Your light will struggle to flower your plant. Especially if you try and do multiple plants. Most on this site recommend HLG lights but they are expensive.


And getting this stuff as we speak