Newbie Here..Need Assistance

Hey All

First time grower here and I am looking for some advice. I germinated all 5 of my seeds on a heating mat in the dark from July 4 to today July 8 and plan to transplant them later on into my 3 gallon pots. Question is I am starting to see a little purple and and I don’t know what this means. Also what distance and strength do the lights need to be at in this stage? Any feedback would be great!!!

I don’t see purple but I see a lot of yellow :scream:

I’m still pretty noob-ish so I won’t diagnose (my guess is over watering for the record but that’s just a guess)

@Hellraiser can shed some light on these questions

Oh btw welcome to the community
You will like it here, lots of knowledgeable peeps here who are very happy to help a fellow grower

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Id start those over if I were you. They need light so they can start to grow. They arnt supposed to be yellow. The purple isn’t much a of a big deal. If you decide to keep them get them in soil and under a light

Give them a tiny tiny tiny bit of nitrogen, might help the green come back.

I plan to plant them under the light using fox farms soil. I don’t have too many more seeds for now so I’m going to try to get them back green. Hopefully I won’t have to start over. Will def keep everyone updated!!! Can you recommend a good nitrogen brand?

I use advance nutrients for my inside and just started using jacks 321 for my outsides. Seedling this small usually dont need a ton of food but I dont use those plugs so I dont knownwhat in them, all I know is they look like they are dying and you wanna get them under light asap. If you put them in for farms soil(happy frog, OF,ect) it will have enough nutrients to keep you going for a while dont add any nutes

Never mind what I was saying…I see it now

I didnt use any light during germination only the heating pad. But I have the Mars TS 2000 in a 3x3 tent I’m going to start using today.

Oh yeah get that light on them for sure

You planning to lower the light closer to them , right

Yeah you don’t need light to germ. Has to be dark actually. But as soon as they break ground you need to put light on the so the can start the photosynthesis process. The need light to eat

Try and keep your lights 24 inches away if your using that Mars LED I see I the picture until your babies can reach up to 12 inches fro them.
Keep temperature between 78 and 82 degrees with lots of airflow. Moving are gives time some exercise and provides lots of CO2 for them.
Let them dry out between watering but not dry for kore than a day. You can use a probe or just check the weight of your pots until they get big.

Also during germination I use a red LED, red light penetrates and causing your plants to stretch a bit. Once them germinate put the white/blue veg light on them for 16 hours.

What nutrients do u have on hand. Additives and all. Give a list. What soil are u gonna transplant in. When u transplant. Rip the netting on those cubes so the roots have ways to stretch out more. Will take alot longer for roots to break thru the netting and will constrict the roots in the root cube. If they r soaked probably the reason why yellow. Id get them transolanted into dirt asap. Get a pot ready and water the soil before u put the plant in it so the roots wanna stretch to the wet soil.

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I am transplanting into 3 Gallon Pots using the Happy Farm potting soil. I also plan to mix in perlite and Mykos Root Enhancer. I do not have any nutrients yet because I didn’t know I would need them so early on. Today I plan on purchasing cal mag and nitrogen to help with the coloring. I also want to use the Fox Farm Trio Nutrients that Amazon offers .

Thanks for all this feedback.

I definitely will since lack of light seems to be the issue. I thought I was supposed to leave them covered the entire germination…Lesson learned!!

I hope you can salvage them, this looks like a true test of resilience

Yes i can actually control the lights from my phone but will turning them on with the plastic dome still on harm them. I am working until 4:30.

They look over watered and in need of light. Once you put them in Fox farm soil you shouldn’t need any nutes for 4-5 weeks. I would still use calmag though.

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Plastic dome will be fine for the short amount of time until you get off work, but overall I’d say your plants don’t really need them anymore


Welcome to the forum I used domes on mine but I think they would have done better without them. It can get to humid and the soil won’t dry out enough. Plants roots can drown I started 9 seeds at the beginning of this season in a jiffy plant starter I over watered and they all died. They all looked like yours. I had to start over. I still used a dome but I kept the watering to a minimum. I ditched the dome at about two weeks. I hope you can get those to come around. Let those plugs dry out a little between waterings.

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Yep, lack of light, no photosynthesis going on leads to the yellow leafs, should have turned the light on as soon as they sprouted or even before. I keep the light on 24/0 while waiting for the seeds to pop, that keeps the tent warm (no heating pad required) and they have light as soon as they break thru the soil.

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