Newbie here!🤗 looking for Super soil Recipes and Advice

So you are looking for soil recipes? There are plenty of them out there. There was a wonderful guy that had a living soil recipe on ILGM. He passed away from cancer not that long ago. If you do a search on ILGM for garrigans soil recipe that will get you one recipe. There is another site you can got to. Google “build a soil” and you can find my last two soil recipes there. If you feel that making it might be more than you want to take on, build a soil and another site, Coast of Maine have soils for sale that have everything you need in it. People are attracted to organic “water and go” but I am going to tell you it’s gonna be harder than maybe you think. I have yet to do a water and go in organics. I make teas and supplement the soil as needed with amendments. I am also not sure what your experience is in growing. Organic growing with living soil is far different than growing the way a lot of the people grow. I am glad you are interested in this. I have yet to get a good grow organically, at this point. My current grow is called “Patches New Garden” and I think my grow before that is still up. Its called “growing again, or at least I an trying to.” That was my first organic grow in living soil. I list the soil recipes I used in each of those grows. Good luck! If you have any questions for me, just tag me. Type @ and the persons name. So to tag you I put in @JaneQP .
Good luck!! Peace…

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Thank you patchman. I am very interested in living soil and anything associated with an organic approach to growing!

My backyard is now a Certified Wildlife Habitat® site with the National Wildlife Federation and “Insert Legal Grow State Here” Wildlife Federation.

Over the years I have been transitioning from synthetic everything to earth friendly products to keep the wildlife safe and but I can’t control what my neighbors apply to their yards or city to the park across the creek :cry: I have three girls growing outdoors all natural with a nice screen of sunflowers and corn.

I am also in the middle of a free online soil science class and I am amazed at the symbiotic relationship in all the critters in soil. I want happy soil!

I am trying to also apply my philosophy to my indoor grow. I reused my soil from my last grow and augmented it with a few things - coffee grounds, perlite, ground eggshells and an all natural soil primer from local slash. I also started brewing compost tea from a kit (boogiebrew) to use outdoor and inside. I am very interested in other soil mixes and teas that will provide needed nutrients both for my girls but also for my little habitat.

Thank you again for the tag! and I will find your recipes.

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I am sorry I haven’t touched base with you until now. You’ve probably harvested by now. My recipes are at the front of each grow. Or you can go to Build a Soil’s website, as they have recipes and of course sell amendments and such. They are good peeps. I don’t see any reason not to keep using them. I have heard some good things about Coast of Maine but haven’t purchased anything from the yet. Of course in our little natural world, getting things locally is always better than purchasing from a website. I think its cool that you got your yard certified. I bet that was a process. All of the processed foods and such that we eat likely have an effect on the cancer rates here in the states. I am a survivor. You should check out KoolHandLuke’s thread-
He is growing in Clackamas Coot’s soil recipe. It is a very old recipe, and he is having great success so far. May have to try that one day. He has a lot of experience, so if he says something works, it works. Just like dbrn32 and lights. I call him “Dr. Light.” lol. Good luck!! Peace…

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What about 10% peat moss instead of coco cor

I use coco coir with peat moss and perlite mix but i make a big lot up at once so i dont have to make it next grow .so i get one of those big tubs with lids u get from any cheap shop you know the totes i put a big bag of good quality coco coir and i put that in the tote then i add two meduim bags of peat moss in then i put two to two half meduim size bags of perlite in and mix it .i will measure out wat i need and then i would mix in three cups of organic compost and two cups of worm castings and two teaspoons of bat guano and one teaspoon of volcanic rock dust fertilizer and mix it ,thats my super soil mix

How did your outside do? I have been so late getting back to you. Coast of Maine and the other shop are the only two I have used at this point. If you go to their site I think they have a recipe or two. Its called “Build a Soil” and they have all the amendments you would need as well. You can look at their recipes and make your own that way. I hope you had/have a great outcome!!!


Jeremy of Build a Soil will be glad to help. They gave all the amendments you need and have videos on YouTube on how to build your own. These also Earth Dust from green sunshine that’s works. Check them out as well. I’ve actually been working with Dr.Earths organics with really good results.

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I’m new here and would like some references on dirt to use for my grow. I’m an avid gardener, my soil is loamy and depleted of nutrients. It only has potassium. My seedlings will be ready to re-pot in a week. I need to fill a five gallon bucket up with my good, rich dirt for my plants final resting place. Any advice would be great. Thank you in advance!

@patchman Are you still around?