Newbie here!🤗 looking for Super soil Recipes and Advice

I am new to growing.
I think I found a super spoil recipe that i want to useSmiling face with smiling eyes :blush: I was wanting to know your thoughts on it and/or what are some of your recipes?

I plan on adding red wigglers to each of my pots when growing

See image for recipe


Hi! Welcome to the forum.

It’s really hard to look at a recipe and judge the efficacy. It also really depends on your goals and procedures. For example, are you planning to use this as a water-only soil? Are you planning to start seeds in this? Is this for indoor pots or outdoor raised beds/prepared holes? Do you intend to reuse the material? If so, how? How soon do you need soil? How long are you willing to invest in developing soil?

Are you reading any books/blogs on soil building?

Hot soil.
Water only.

So no seeds or clones. I ment to put worm castings in the list.

And yes i have read blogs,forums, groups.

Again, it comes back to your goal. When I asked about books/blogs, I wanted to get a sense of what rationale you’re bringing to this recipe. Maybe some of these things are intuitive. You probably have a clear image of your grow in full bloom; feel free to describe that. I have questions about container size and location.

Hello KeystoneCops-
New grower, and moving towards my goal of growing in living supersoil. I will be growing one plant at a time. Blueberry auto from ILGM. I looked at a lot of blogs and such, and based my recipe off of build a soil’s tree recipe. I would love to have a no till, water only soil; the way nature does it. I am getting ready to mix my soil and start my 1st organic grow. I will start my seed in it (in a solo cup), and then transplant into eventually a 3 gallon fabric pot. I have a new 2’x2.5’x 6’ gorilla grow tent. Hlg light, and really a whole upgraded system. Look forward to learning more about the way I want to grow.

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There are a few reasons (if I can remember them all) why I am going this route for growing.

  1. Our generation has messed up the environment way too much.
  2. Mother nature has been doing this for a very long time on its own.
  3. I need to keep things simple. Whats more simple than water and go? Not 1.4 teaspoons of this or that, oh, don’t forget to put this in last and all of that just gets confusing to me.
    Nature’s way is the way I want to go. I can still do LST, fimming, topping, and all of that. That’s how I feel about it.
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You’re coming at it with the right intentions. I feel differently about indoor cultivation. Our electricity consumption has a much greater environmental impact than our choice of fertilization/medium; I’d wager a day of electricity has more embodied carbon than a month of any synthetic fertilizer unless you’re relying on nuclear. Synthetic fertilizers like Jack’s are usually made using natural gas.

Indoors, soilless or hydroponic simply deliver more grams per watt. Most people here will produce an excess beyond their needs. One could conclude that, as we get more grams per watt, we should reduce the watts.

If we didn’t have legal restrictions we could all grow under the sun in living soil.

Mr. Cops-
I hear you on the electric foot print. What I do to decrease this is having
a small grow system. I only grow one plant at a time. Small efficient light, and only autos which dont take as much time to grow. I have no interest in gram per watt. I just want to grow enough medicine for me. I live in a state where they think marijuana is worse than heroin (hint: Jeff Sessions). I cant move, because I am taking care of my mother. Later I plan to move out to the sticks and live off grid. In a state where its legal to grow. Anywho I’m rambling courtesy of my morning blueberry. Peace man, be safe out there. Are you still looking for recipes? Let me know.


G’day everyone, as a newbie also, I read all of the posts and online info about making soil and got so excited about making the perfect crop first time out haha. Naturally, I buggered it up and fortunately, I had a bag of organic potting mix for tomatoes and some perlite left over from the failed project. I saved by ass. :smirk: my plants are looking sensational and I will never know whether I could have grown a few more fractions of an ounce with a better soil or not. As time goes on and I have a bit more experience, I will try some improvements and gauge the level of success. For now, it was much easier to use the bag mix, add some micro nutrients, some worm shit and sit back and smell the results. For a new grow, I really think that’s the best way to kick off because it’s virtually a guaranteed result.
I had solar and batteries installed before I started so my footprint will be small with my lights. We can’t grow outside in Oz due to the crazy laws here.
Regards Turtle

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I’m not sure what you are basing your soil recipe on. There are a few of us that like build a soil. On their website there is a video of him making living soil. They make coots old recipe (1 part Peat moss, 1 part top soil, 1 part perlite) and then on one recipe they vary the amount of Peat moss, and send it to the labs for analysis. The one that he decides to use has a pH of 6.1. Thats the recipe I based mine on, with a few different amendments. I know I missed the mark because I used vermiculite but no perlite. Got some bad advice. By adding perlite the soil is draining much better. If you haven’t seen my journal its called “growing again, or at least trying to,” and though my plant has not been as big as my last attempt (where I used a pot for pot), she’s always been healthy and green. She is beginning to bud out now, and starting to get bigger. Good luck with your grow. Garrigan has recipes for living soil, and there is a lot of info if you go and look for it. Another aspect to that is a method of gardening that some of the more experienced growers are adapting to is KNF (Korean Natural Farming), in which you are really using and recycling all of your waste which goes into the compost pile or the garden. Its pretty cool, but if you live in an illegal state, you may not be able to do all of the things they do (like compost piles, worm bins, etc.). Good luck, tag me if you need any help. Peace…

Hi Patchman, nice to hear from you. I sort of made my own soil but my first attempt went a bit weird with the PH. My current soil is made the same way as before and is fine so go figure. I use 30% perlite, 30% organic potting mix 30% organic compost and 10% coco coir. Plants are zooming in it and i potted my daughter some tomatoes in it and she rekons they are on steroids :joy:. I will check out build a soil as you have suggested as i am sure there will be some improvements to make. Thanks for the advice.
Regards Turtle.

They are all “adjustments” on the “Turtle Custom Living Soil” recipe. Thats what I am talking about. I do love natural growing, and the idea of having the same soil year after year sounds nice. Water only with the exception of a top dressing or tea. That sounds so good to me. I dont know a whole lot yet, but I do know this is a lot of work. The rewards though, are life changing for me. Holler if you need anything Turtle. Peace

Hello, I am a new grow and I will be starting with 2 plants. I was wondering what lighting do you use? if you don’t mind me asking.


If you’re trying to decide what light to buy, or how many plants to grow, a good starting point is the footprint of your grow space (good to know height too). An even better starting point is determining how much cannabis you need every week/month/quarter/year, and then work back to determine your grow size based on estimated yields of specific cultivars.