Newbie here!πŸ€— looking for Super soil Recipes and Advice

I am new to growing.
I think I found a super spoil recipe that i want to useSmiling face with smiling eyes :blush: I was wanting to know your thoughts on it and/or what are some of your recipes?

I plan on adding red wigglers to each of my pots when growing

See image for recipe

Hi! Welcome to the forum.

It’s really hard to look at a recipe and judge the efficacy. It also really depends on your goals and procedures. For example, are you planning to use this as a water-only soil? Are you planning to start seeds in this? Is this for indoor pots or outdoor raised beds/prepared holes? Do you intend to reuse the material? If so, how? How soon do you need soil? How long are you willing to invest in developing soil?

Are you reading any books/blogs on soil building?

Hot soil.
Water only.

So no seeds or clones. I ment to put worm castings in the list.

And yes i have read blogs,forums, groups.

Again, it comes back to your goal. When I asked about books/blogs, I wanted to get a sense of what rationale you’re bringing to this recipe. Maybe some of these things are intuitive. You probably have a clear image of your grow in full bloom; feel free to describe that. I have questions about container size and location.