Newbie here, i have many questions

i have many questions… should i post each question in its own thread, or list them all off in one single thread? seems like each question would be better in its own thread (for future people wanting to know the same things i am looking to find out)… but i dont know the rules here, maybe the mods dont want one person posting a million threads all at once?..

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On the contrary, I would ask them all in one topic. That way you can go to place to gather data or suggestions. You’re currently in autoflower support, if it applies to this sub topic, post them here.


One post for all questions… :+1::wink:
This will be your journal for all of your questions and grow support… :+1::wink:

thanks, guys. ive spent the last hour or two typing up my first rant… im about to post it now… yes its about autoflowers. bought my seeds from ILGM

the forum says ive posted too many new threads for one day… said i have to wait 5 hours before i can start yet another thread… so i guess ima have to wait until about 8AM my time

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