Newbie here. How does my first try look?

Hi all, newbie here from the land of peaches and I wonder what you all think of my first attempt. A friend gave me some seeds that are supposed to be Blue Cookies but these are definitely 2 different strains. We used regular potting soil from Lowes and miracle grow although about 3 weeks ago we added some nutrients we purchased for bud. Didn’t keep a journal, we started this journey in November and plan to harvest around the 14th. I think the buds are a bit runty but I am really pleased that we actually made something grow. IMG_3104 IMG_3103 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096 IMG_3095 IMG_3094 IMG_3093 IMG_3092 IMG_3091


Welcome to the forum! Looks like you did good for your first time. I would look into more cannabis friendly media next time instead of miracle grow


Looking good :+1:
Welcome to ILGM
Nice work- I agree with Matty :v:


We ordered Big Bud, Nirvana and Overdrive nutrients for the next grow which I will probably start next week since we are about to harvest. I plan to do a journal and only grow one of each variety Gorilla Glue, GSC, Bruce Banner and Gold Leaf. The first 3 are autoflower so this should be interesting trying to nurture them all to big buds.
When I get ready to harvest I plan to do a wet trim so I am trying to read up on all the posts about that.

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Welcome to the community!

Good job on your first run. If ya hang out on here you will find so much info your brain will start to hurt.

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Nice job for the first run! They look nice and dense! Juicy! :crazy_face: :+1: :sunglasses:

Hi can anyone point me in the right direction…? About to but a 6pot autopot system any reviews? Media tips? Should I germinate right in that pot just top feed since bottom won’t reach root was think clay balls at bottom with coco on top no perlite and to bring the seedling into the coco with Rockwool…?

@Nicky grows with autopots. Check out his threads for all the info you need on them

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I need tips

Buy fabric version. Spring pot I think it’s called now they keep changing the name.
Sprout in a nursery bag then transplant into the autopot.
50/50 perlite / BUFFED coco.
No air domes.
Are you running organics?
Get a quality silica product like AN rhino skin or if your in the USA ide get Agsil16H