Newbie here and just wanting to confirm time to harvest

Started to flower about 4 weeks ago, in the mid-Michigan area. So I have about 4 more weeks before frost starts in

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It’ll be close, but you can’t control the weather. Let em go as long as you can. You’ll be glad you did.

They are in 20 gallon cloth pots so I could move them indoors at night in an attempt to buy more time. But I’m sure the cooler days coming will slow them down as well.

Thanks for the advice :sunglasses:

Yeah you’re gonna need those weeks to mature up. Down to the wire

Almost @Yeager

I have 3 plants outside. We started late July 7th but we have One Big Girl in a wooden Box and two runts in 5 gal. fabric bags.

Indoors in the basement in a tent. They are doing better now