Newbie help with increasing humidity for drying/cure

Hello all

This summer I screwed up my first grow, since the WeDryer I used , dried too fast…. Ok was a learning experience .

The second harvest in September dried ok, and I then heat sealed for long term cure storage in grove bags. As the weather changed into winter in the NE , my whole house humidity got pretty low.

Both the grove bags stored in my fancy big wine fridge and in the dark in another closet, all fell below 62 % and now read in the 50s. Again not upset as I’m learning. But was hoping the groves would have kept them closer to the ideal 62%.

So I have a small auto to harvest next week and I’m looking for a new solution.

For dry, I’m thinking about using a very small under stairs basement closet, and trying a Levoit ultrasonic humidifier with distilled water for a week or three. Since it has a humidstst and I can live with dissolved water for a few weeks.

Or maybe try an evaporative humidifier in the basement itself and hope it humidifies the closet.

The issue here is I can’t get that closet below 70 degrees tempature and then what do do about a cure and storage?

Now with respect to the cure:
I love the no burp aspect of the groves but if it’s just going to turn to dry dust after two months I’m a little lost going forward.

One thought would be to use one of my wine mini fridge piezo electric to dry at 60degrees, which is great but no real way to control humidity there .

So any suggestions or help for this newbie would be greatly appreciated. Currently it’s 17 degrees out and the humidity levels in the whole house are understandably low due to the heat.

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Hy @downbythepylons welcome to the community
I will recommended dry you harvest in brown paper bag with one o two boveda bags of 55% of HR

Happy growing🤘

For longer term storage grove recommends heat sealing, not just the zip closure.

I have a small Levoit humidifier as well. The humidistat on that one stinks, and consistently reads about 15% over what my other humidistats read (both cheapo and good ($150 unit for work)). No problem for me, I just set it high. I just suggest you monitor with other devices. Like I said, it’s high, but consistent.


So I’m in the NE too I have the same exact problem. I tried numerous ways to dry my crop without it drying to fast and I recently just figured this here out and I’m going to share it with you I hope it works for you So I get a black non see through plastic bin about $12 at local Walmart or whatever. Then I use a hydro basket for a 5 gallon bucket. I previously used this bin when I was growing hydro that’s why the lid is cut like that. I drilled a few holes for air flow I check the humidity daily and if I’m low I wet a towel and hang over the opening to raise humidity. Works great if you can check on it 2 times a day you should be able to keep it pretty damn close to 60 and 60Processing: F7A75AF2-0354-4BBD-8365-2E6A3BCC5F5B.jpeg…
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@PharmerFred - none of your pics made it up, bo.

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Nice hack. Well done.

Good thinking. screenshot so I could
use idea when I need it. :blush:

Just kinda figured it out recently think I’m gonna open my vent holes a little bit I can always duct tape them closed if it’s to much. I’ll soak my towel wring it out and hang it over hole and put an oscillating fan in the room oscillating occasionally over the towel.

By the way the reason my thermometer reads the way it does is because it was just hanging in my basement I actually got done using it yesterday and jarred it up I just wanted to demonstrate my lil hack I figured out. If it gets to humid in there just open it up more and opposite if it’s to dry. Try a damp sponge in there if need be