Newbie health check

First go around, I’m using the 2 gal pot for pot kit.
The kit uses super soil on the bottom of the pot and coco mixed with a small amount of soil the rest of the pot.

I am using tap water ( 7.8ph 96ppm)
Adjusted to 6.3ph.

I noticed some discoloration to the leaves, and want to get some input on weather or not it is anything to worry about.

I am on day 13 since planting popped seed directly into the 2 gal pot, and 11 days since breaking out of the soil.

I have been watering every couple days with enough water to get 10-20% runoff and the ph is coming out close to 7 and 5000+ppm.


You have a case of new parent syndrome. Your girl looks great. Sit back and smoke a bowl.


What he said! :point_up_2:


@Audiofreak has great advice


Thanks guys, I appreciate the replies.

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She looks good and healthy. Just relax now and let her grow. Congratulations

Welcome 2 the community. Happy growing


I sit with the rest. Let her do her thing. I would water from outside in to force roots to reach out. Not on stem. Just me.


5-8 days away from topping, if you’re running a photo ( if you’re looking to go down that route). Looking good bud. The lime green interior shows great nutrition throughout the plant. Follow @Audiofreak ’s advice. Sit back and smoke a bowl, parenthood is a wonderful thing.


Looking for some more guidance, with this girl.
I’ve noticed some lower older leaves are getting discolored spots, nothing new has been affected.

In looking around all I keep seeing is rust mold, but my humidity never gets above 50-55%.

(Full disclosure my hygrometer fell on her about a week ago, so she is missing one side of her first five fingered leaves, she didn’t seem to mind and just kept on growing)

That’s normal for the lower leaves to start dying out. You are doing a good job. Healthy looking and Yung.

Happy growing

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Thak you! I really appreciate the reply.

WELCOME Randoms110

I found these but I’m still a newbie either way so don’t pay any attention to me lol

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Once again looking for some advice on this girl, the brown spot have started to spread, it appears to be on mostly older leaves but now on the newer leaves as well.
Also noticed quite a few leaves have yellowed tips as well.

It’s day 33 and she appears to have started to flower a few days ago.

I have been feeding at a half dose Evey other time i water, which is usually every couple days.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Any ideas?

I have started to feed plain water pH to 6.3, the problem doesn’t appear to be getting any better.