Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


I’ll put up a second one to support the flowers


Hi @bob31 the plants are growing very quickly. I’m considering tucking the tall stems under the second SCROG net. What do you think?


Hi @bob31 and @deb1 thought I’d show you some pictures.


Looking forward to the pics @meduser



The tent look happy @meduser how’s it going? Been awhile!


The plants are growing well it’s very cold here in Victoria Australia I’ve had to swap my air conditioner for a heater.


Sorry to highjack the thread. I’ve been making Rick’s oil for a few months now, buying it by the Oz for £200. So I decided to grow, in about a week from switching to flower.

My question; if your growing to purely make oil and not smoke it, can you skip the drying phase?

It’s sounds strange to me for it to be cold in Aus, but I suppose your smack bang in the middle of your winter. I suppose it’s like December for us brits. But not quote as cold. Though it may be, we average probably 1-6 degrees in the winter days.


If you have been making ricks oil isn’t your procedure to ensure its dry? That’s what rick says to do


When buying it it is dry, so it’s never crossed my mind before, given most street weed is stale. As I’m now talking of growing it, it has crossed my mind. But you have answered my question.

Ive seen a few videos of him making it, I’ve never heard him mention dryness. I just assumed he would expect it to be dry as, well, that’s how you process it for normal consumption (smoking).

I was just asking was that step really necessary, as the alcohol stage would force any water out. So it would be dry, just forced dried, or chemical dried for a better term.

But I suppose I’d have to find someone that has experimented with wet and dry bud and given proper lab testing.


Hi there @TheDuke that thought also crossed my mind but couldn’t find any one that could answer the wet or dry process question this is my first run at it so I’ll stick with the proven methods.


@meduser @TheDuke I will find the video link and post here



This is the exact video I’ve been following for about 6 months. Unless I missed something, he doesn’t mention whether it needs to be dryed out or not.

When I have some surplus, I may do some experimenting. There is probably some forum that has all the info regarding this, and has the answer.

I don’t break it up with my hands in the alcohol, to sticky, I use a simple mortis and pestle, giving it a light break up, then tip it into a plastic jug with the alcohol then smush it up and let it sit 20 mins, rough filter and wash again. Then filter though a coffee filter.


@TheDuke,right at the beginning of video , he states its dried buds needed.


@Coltfire thanks


Thought I’d update you all with some photos.


You definitely want to use dry product otherwise you will just be wasting


@meduser ,looking very nice ,keep the updates coming


I have used both dry and wet…I have found that you will end up with the same amout of oil either way…but the dry bud will give u a more amp colour oil and it will give you a more “high” feeling…and the wet bud will give you a dark almost black oil and it will give you more of a relaxed feeling.
Both help with my back pain…but the wet bud oil is better for work and dry bud oil is better for letting the mind go with the body.

This is just my experience so far…still more playing around to be done.

Also I have made the oil with bud and also oil with trim n leaf…both of those help with the back pain …its just the bud oil gives more of a high than the trim oil.