Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


Hi All,
Every second time i water the plants i give them half strength seaweed solution. Should i be giving them anything else to promote the growth. The plants are now 24" and 16" tall.


@meduser how’s it going? How about a fresh picture of your crew?


Hi @bob31 both plants are looking healthy but one is alot taller than the other. I water them once a week and every second water I give them half strength seaweed solution. Also, on average how long does it take from germination to harvest for these Afghan Fem?


@meduser it depends how long you keep them in veg. Its not uncommon for two plants to be somewhat different. Just minor differences in genetics.

How old are your girls now and what light schedule are you on?

Is your goal to maximize yield or just to get these harvested?


Hi @bob31 I planted the seeds on Jan 8 but they went through a hard time with the summer heat until I got an a/c. I suspect that slowed the growth. The 2 x 400 W LED lights are on a 18/6 cycle. I’d like to maximize yield.


Awesome @meduser Are you going to SCROG them or anything or just let them grow? Generally speaking you can expect them to get quite a bit bigger once they go into flower.

So once you decide it’s time and you flip to 12/12 it might take 10 days to 2 weeks for the flowers to form and that starts flowering so 60 days after that point. So basically 12/12 and 2.5 months later is you approx harvest time. (All grows are different and that is the average for flowering) YMMV as the say … you mileage may vary…


Thanks @bob31 I think I’ll SCROG them just as a learning exercise. Based on the pictures I’ve put up when do you think I should go 12/12


You would need to get your scrog in place and then keep manipulating the leaves and future buds into the scrog. Once the tent is sufficiently filled them you go to flower. I’m thinking 3-4 weeks maybe as many as 6 weeks to fill it up good!


Hi @bob31 and @deb1 just giving you an update. The SCROG net is in and all looking healthy.


How big are those squares openings?


@Hawkeye_diesel they are 6" squares.


Oh ok that what I thought


Hi @bob31 I’m thinking it’s time to go 12/12. The plants are about 3ft tall and bushy. What do you think.


@meduser if you’re ready, I am!

Fasten your seat belts!



lol,are you prepared for the growth? lol 3’ already,and could go 2or3 times bigger…lol


I’ll set it tomorrow.


Wow :flushed: I’m going to have a problem with space. :weary:


It’s a good problem to have. A little more tucking into the scrog net would have helped keep it a bit lower, but not much you can do now except let them grow!


Still trying to get the hang of the SCROG