Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


Thanks for the information everyone. After I water I check the ph run off so I always empty the trays.


Late to the show, but I see the question was well answered @deb1.


Hi @bob31 and @deb1. I transferred my plants to the larger pots today. I was very happy to see the extent of the root growth. I’ve planted them deeper and used the root growing hormone on the stems below the soil. Also I’ve added pearlite and composte to the soil. I’ve watered each pot with about 3 liters of 6.7ph plain water which wasn’t enough to have any run off for testing, should I water more considering it’s the first time I’ve watered in the new pots just to check the Ph??


Awesome! looks good, @bob31 maybe able to help you out more with the pH for first water, i just transplanted some too and watered but didnt worry to much about the pH myself personally for first water because to my way of thinking they need to adjust to being transplanted, im not sure if thats right or wrong tho. As long as the water got to the bottom was all i was pretty much going for with the first water. We can both find out if we did the right thing together


I wouldn’t get concerned with runoff at this point. And the pH “I think” is important for every watering, but I don’t think one watering with un-pH’d water would hurt much unless your pH is at a crazy number?

They look great. Much happier in their new home.

One technique is to lift pot so you know what it feels like when fully watered so when it’s light you know when to water. You can really feel the difference. I usually let mine sit an extra day just to be sure she’s dry.

Also water around the edge of the pot so the roots grow outward to find the water.

Don’t expect too much to happen above ground when the roots reestablish themselves.

What sort of compost did you use?

Looking great!


I agree with @bob31, you don’t need to water to runoff yet, the baby is so small it’ll take awhile to use and dry as it is. And pH is important, one watering with water that isn’t too bad can’t kill her.


Thanks @bob31 and @kabongster, I did pH the water i used (phew, wipes brow)just remembered that when i read you said that @kabongster. Next time def check run off @meduser


The plants are loving their new home. This week I’ve seen a big change, in the growth. Today I’ve put the second 400w led on.


Thats great news! well done!


Almost doubled in size in one week! Nice job @meduser


Hi all, thought I’d give you an update. The plants are growing great and are now almost 8" tall. They are really starting to smell. Glad I bought the filter system. We are still having 30deg plus days so I need to keep the ac on. Unfortunately I noticed the smell was getting out through the ac so I made some changes to fix this today, hope it works. At some point I’m going to need to top the plants to promote a bushier plant so I’ll keep sending photos and hopefully you guys can tell me when. Have a great day everyone.


They are looking great! well done @meduser. Are they autos? if they are you can top but its better not to because they have a limited time to veg and that will set them back a bit, if they arent autos im pretty sure after four sets of real leaves are there i will tag @Coltfire @Hawkeye_diesel they will be able to let you know when to do it


The 5th picture down it looks as if it topped itself. See the 2 growth tips?


Good eye there @Hawkeye_diesel


If autos just let them do there own thing you don’t want to slow them down one day.


Yes I noticed that.


They are not autos. Afghan fem


Thanks guys :star2:


So they arent autos @meduser said is it correct that it is ok to top after four sets of real leaves


I would wait an she might just bush out on her own, she looks to have some good genetics for growth. I have a bag seed girl right now and she’ll randomly throw a new growth tip in between other new growth.