Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


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Thanks @FloridaSon, i didnt think it would be allowed


We’re just trying to help avoid hassles :wink:

Couldn’t like, but good looking out!


@deb1 I’ve had the plants in this soil for over a month now.


Just in case you can’t open the link. See the pictures.


If it was me i would transplant, i actually transplanted one yesterday and it was about 10 days old. Unless you order the worm castings online or know someone with them im not sure you will bbe able to get them, perlite is good to add. This grow i just got a bag of the organic soil/compost mix from bunnings and mixed with perlite, only prob ive had is acidity but i think that was due to salt build up because when i was watering i wasnt letting it run off a bit (20% of the container i think it is)


One more thing and i have only just recently read this on the forum, the trays you have under the pots to catch/let them have water isnt that good for them because i was thinking about doing it myself, i could be totally incorrect about that maybe @FloridaSon could fill us both in or would know someone that would know, maybe @Matthew420, @Hogmaster, @Hawkeye_diesel, @bob31, @Coltfire, @BondPacker


You should definitely remove water from pans after watering or feeding the plant will bottom feed from pan if you don’t
And if your ppm is high or ph off it will effect your soil
@deb1 hope this helps


Yes thankyou very much @Countryboyjvd1971, Im still learning who to ask sorry i missed you out


I use a 2-gallong shop vac to suck out my trays since I can’t lift my plants.


No worries @deb1 there is a lot of good peeps here
We all help when possible
And I didn’t always know that answer either hahaha
This is how we learn from each other
Happy growing
I do the same @Matthew420 hahahha we think alike


if it’s only a little I don’t bother. My trays have grooves so unless it’s above the grooves, I just leave it. Gone in a couple hours.


Thats great idea @Matthew420


All mine are straight in the ground so no trays ,but I would always empty them as seedlings while in trays as cb said it can throw everything out.


So the pans under your plants are ok as long as you dont leave or put water in them @meduser


they’re fine. No one wants water all over the place with cords and such around.

Just don’t let the plants sit in a puddle of water and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:


yeah i always have mine up on milk crates, i just didnt want them sitting on the ground in pots because the ants have this wonderful habit of making a nest in the pot


Hopefully sunshine tomorrow @Coltfire


Not where I am , I have another full week of rain or showers ,I can’t even get down to check on my girls ,but boy can I smell them.


What is your thread called again @Coltfire