Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


Hi @meduser, for your question, you can switch to your 2 × 400W led now, they are more than ready for it, just keep the lights at no more closer than 2.5 feet for now.

Hoping that’s helping you :grinning:



Hey there @meduser, looking good, are they the final pots they will grow in?


No, @deb1 I will be putting them in larger pots when they get a bit bigger. If you look at my earlier photos you can see the pots I’ll be using.


Ok @meduser, Just remember when you transplant to bury some of the stem, i think i said that before so im sorry if im repeating myself, they look really good tho, keep it up


The stems are fairly long. I’ll take a photo later tonight with a ruler to show you. Then you can tell me how much of the stem to bury. I’m thinking half.


When you pot up, I would suggest burying the stem up to 1" below the cotyledons(seed leaves). If you want, you could dust the part to be buried with a rooting powder to encourage more roots.

I’ve also heard that raw honey could help with rooting…


WOW, I’m surprised your suggesting to bury them so deep. I think I’ve got to wait a few more weeks before I repot them.


I think at least half maybe a smidge more, just above the wire at least


And id be careful dont have the soil to wet around the stem, all that stem under the earth will grow roots im pretty sure, @bob31 @Hogmaster @Hawkeye_diesel these guys will be able to tell you more


@meduser When you transplant I’d get as much as you can under the soil. I’d say somewhere close to where @FloridaSon @deb1 but it doesn’t have to be exact. The important thing is that you have a lot of stretch and your plant will be a lot happier and a lot stronger. My AK is just over a month old and somewhere around the same amount of nodes and if they were side by side, my whole plant would be completely under your plant. It’s total height is under 3 inches. (disclaimer some plants are just different growers and another AK side by side with mine might be taller, fatter, wider, shorter…)( YMMV as they say…)

You get your stem buried and after the initial few days of building some roots, she 's gonna go through quite a growth period!


I wasn’t saying you should transplant now. I would, but I’ve been through this a few times and am familiar with how delicate of a process it is.

Looking at the tape, my suggested depth lines up with Deb’s suggestion also. Being a new grower, you can wait until you have good signs of roots at the bottom of the pot, but the plant would do much better if planted deeper.

If you’re not comfortable doing it right now, please don’t do it. I’d hate to be responsible for you losing her by pushing you into something you’re not comfortable doing. A weak plant is much better than a dead one.

I only offer advice, but this is your grow and you have to be the one comfortable with doing whatever needs to be done. Again, you don’t have to do it right now, but make sure you bury most of that stem when you do.

Suggestions are just that, not a command…


Thanks guys you said it way better than i did, i appreciate it


Understood @FloridaSon . Thanks again for the information. :+1:


Hello @bob31 I got some photos from the last 2 weeks. Plants are growing but slow, maybe it’s the strain I’ve got. Earlier this week I noticed the plants were a little pail so I watered with half strength seaweed extract solution. I’ve been watering 1 time with straight water the next time with half strength seaweed extract. The last water had a run ph of 5.9. Looks like the plants are low on nutrients.


I’m considering putting the plants in larger pots this weekend. I’m going to add to the soil, perlite, worm casting, vegetable fertiliser and composite. I’m hoping this will help with the lack of nutrients in the soil. I’m getting the information from this guy on youtube ( ) any comments???


Hey @meduser good morning! Hope all is well?!?!

Youre girls do look good and healthy. Get them stem buried up about half and they will be very happy. You may not seem them do anything for awhile but they will be strengthening their roots .

Remind me what you are using for soil now @meduser

What are the numbers on the fertilizer (NPK)? Are we talking slow release or timed released fert or anything like that? If so you might want to reconsider… It is hard to guage that stuff really well. I would say everything but the ferts and the new soil will be enriched enough for quite a while.

I will try and watch the video and comment directly on that in a bit!


@meduser id agree with @bob31, its hard to guage. they look lovely and green for sure, when you transplant id suggest do what bob said and bury the stem, id also suggest dont put to much water near the stem for the first few waterings


Hi @bob31 and @deb1 the soil I use is in this link.


Thats the one i used but im not sure if you can have that link up there, @bob31 will let you know


I only used the seedling mix for the first 9-14 days though, is that what its in now?