Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


I use Everclear and a rice cooker much safer make sure you have great ventilation regardless of what you’re using you want to fan blowing in a window open or preferably do it outside

takes about an hour and a half to two hours to make using this method


@Hogmaster. At room temperature is it easy to squeeze out of a syringe. Looks very thick, I’d consider adding a small amount of olive oil.


At room temperature little squeeze right out of the syringe



Showing real growth each week since I put the a/c in


out of :heart: @meduser so here’s a :+1: or two :+1: :+1:

Looking good!!!


@bob31 my Ph pen arrived today I need to calibrate it before I use it. I’ll let you know later today what the results are from the run off water. If it’s too high or low can I adjust the levels with the same powders I use for my aquarium? Also what’s the process for changing the Ph to the soil?


@meduser yes I believe you can use the same pH adjuster drops like you use for an aquarium. Same thing.

Before we talk about soil pH…

What are you using for soil?

It looks to me like you could use some perlite to help your soil remain loose.

So the way you test your soil pH is to just test the runoff water. It’s a good idea to do this frequently when you water your plants.

But lots of bagged soils will tell you what the soil pH range is on the bag.

Look forward to your update!


@bob31 I am using a seed raising mix which has a wetting agent in it as well as a 3 month of slow release fertilizer. The brand is Osmocote which is considered a premium mix in Australia. I tested the PH on the water I have been using on the plants and it was 5.7. I know this is not good, so as I haven’t feed the plants for 2 weeks I watered them with half strength seaweed solutions and adjusted the PH to 6.8 after watering the runoff was 6.4.


@meduser thanks for that update, good deal.

I’m gonna tag @Niala about the ph runoff. To me 6.4 seems decent for runoff, but let’s get some input from Al and then if hes not sure we can tag in one of the mods for a bit more advice.


Also, I think you would benefit from perlite mixed with that soil, but I’m not sure if that is available there is Aus?

I’m gonna tag in a couple of the other Ausies and see if they know.

@Coltfire @BondPacker @deb1


Perlite you can buy at bunnings, when you repot that id just bury the stem just a little lower then ground level. This is my first grow so im still learning myself, shame there isnt somewhere in your yard thats kooler than the temps we have been havin. I grow outside so i cant help you much with inside growing. As far as i know your ph and the run off seem perfect for the moment. Sorry i cant be more help.


The sweet spot for soil is 6.5 and a +/- 2 is acceptable , So at 6.4 it’s very good :+1: @meduser just follow your regular watering schedule with 6.5 or 6.6 ph’d water and the PH will gardualy go up to the perfect sweet spot if it’s what you’re looking for.

But honestly, your PH is fine , do not try to push them too much, they have had enough stress. @bob31 does a great job in helping you good job Bob

~Al :innocent: :v:


@bob31 Thanks again for the help and tagging the others. @deb1 I’ll go to Bunning today and get some Perlite and add it to the larger pots that I’ll be repotting the plants to later, I’ll try and add a little to the plants once the soil drys out a bit.
@Niala I know very little about plant PH requirements, your information has been very helpful and much appreciated. I’ll go and do some research today on PH and cannabis plants



Ok bud, happy growing! We’re all just a tag away!


I mixed my perlite so it looked like chocolate chips in a chocolate chip cookie that type of ratio. Sorry its not a more technical ratio lol. Not to much not to little just enough and little bits at a time so i could check what it looked like after each mix.


Thanks for the tag @bob31 always happy to help a fellow aussie out, I wouldn’t recommend going to bunnings to get perlite though. You’ll only get 5-10L bags for a costly price compared going to your local hydro shop who stock 100L bags and sell it between $30-$40, good course grade perlite and cheap as chips. I think having atleast 30% perlite in your soil is a good mix, the more you put in the more air rated your root system will be, which is a good thing.


Also @meduser no point trying to mix it into the pots the plants are already in you’ll just be disturbing the roots, they’ll be fine as they are just put a decent amount into your final pots and mix through soil before planting your girls into there.


i’m with ya on the chocolate chip analogy… @deb1 lol,


Hi everyone
Just a quick note to show how the growth is going. Currently the plants are under a 80w LED. When should I change over to the 2 x 400w LEDs ?