Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


Its different for every type of device platform.
Your plants are stretching for more light, as well as the temps are too hot during the day. They like to be like 70-75°f during the seedling stage with a good amount of humidity. The temp swing also plays a role in this, the plants dont want more then a 10 to 20 degree difference during the day and night. For example they would like 70 during lights out and 75 with the lights in the stage they are now. That led looks a little too close they would like it around 30 inches from the tops of plants. How long have they been under the led they look really light hungry @meduser


I would transplant or add more soil would hate to see them so long that when it’s getting more weight you will have to put some kind of support to help them not crash over :sunglasses:


I would put the fluorescent back in there instead of the LED and just put it a lot closer like you did the LED because I think the led might actually burn your plants being that close , where as the fluorescent light could be that close without hurting them…



Hi everyone. The temperature has been too hot so my plants are growing slowly. I’ve added a ventilation system and today put in a portable a/c that I got cheap off eBay. Hopefully this helps as I don’t want to lose the plants. See the pictures any advise is welcome. The LED is 80w and 9" away from the top of the plants.


Your LED might be too close and your soil seems a little wet… keep an eye on both , do a little investigation if you can…



I’m good with what you are doing with the light for now just watch those leaves to be sure they don’t get too hot. I’m running my 140 watt led about 14 inches away with no issues.

Unfortunately what you do have is a bit of light stretch from using a CFL too far away initially. Keep well supported for now and when you repot you are gonna need to bury quite a bit of that stem. It will be very beneficial.

Also have you bought a pH pen for checking your water? I read above posts it said you didn’t have one. pH water is very important as is letting the soil dry out between waterings.

Youre gonna see some real improvement here soon. You’re making all the right moves now.

@meduser also try to post at least one pic every week so we all can compare your progress.

Best wishes and great weed!


I would say your light is to far away your stems are stretching out I would get it closer if it where mine
Also agree with @peachfuzz soil does look wet
Water from edges when you do and don’t water too much they don’t need a lot right now
They will grow if you don’t o re love them haha


Thanks for the reply everyone. @bob31 I agree the light stretch was most likely from the cfl being to far initially. I’ll get a PH meter and let you know the results, I’ll also update you with a weekly picture. Thanks again everyone.



Definitely some grow from last week. Waiting on a PH Pen from eBay.


I’d like to get a humidifier as I’m struggling to keep the humility up. Can someone suggest one please.


@meduser I was talking with @Countryboyjvd1971 HVAC guru and he recommended an evap dehumidifier to me. I found a decent one on Amazon. I will get you the link in a minute.


Here is the one we came up with @meduser it should go about a year on a wick and you should also get the bacteria treatment as you don’t want any funk growing on your wick or tank.


Good morning all
How is everything @bob31 and @meduser
I do prefer evaporative type humidifiers over cool or warm mist
As bob has stated
the he one found is actually a nice :+1: unit
I recommend have one big enough to bring humidity up on grow room and allow fans to pull moist air into tent much better method in my professional opinion
Also it’s easier to heat a area that is at proper humidity levels and over all it’s just healthier in general and
I also run mine about 10 to 15 % lower then I want my tent humidity but you may need to adjust those #fir your situation
Any questions feel free to tag me @meduser
Happy growing


Thanks for the help guys. I’ll look into the unit.


Hash oil is something I’ve made quite a few times…its been a few years but it’s something I will be doing again soon.

Both myself and all my mates made it with leaf, stem and the trim…basically all the left overs. The Buds will give you more oil but personally I would rather save the buds.

We always soaked the mix for a week or so before filtering out the leaf, stem n trim…we found it got more oil.

That’s just my 2 cents worth!


I would love a rundown of your process… if you would… thks



We use to use acetone but I will be using Isopropyl.

Soak the leaf n trim in glass jars (make sure the leaf matter is covered with Isopropyl) with the lid on for at least a week…the longer the better. Probably no need to go any longer than 2 weeks.

After its been soaking long enough , strain out all the leaf matter…I use a wire sift to get the majority of the big stuff out, then I use a coffee filter to get the rest of the floateis out.

Get a electric frying pan, put about 20mm to 30mm of water in the frying pan, put something in the frying pan for a pot to sit on…I use wooden spoons so only the water is transferring heart. Put the liquid into a large pot and then put that pot onto the wooden spoons in the frying pan.

Heat the frying pan until the water is nearly boiling (don’t let it boil) , make sure the water in the frying pan doesn’t dry out. Keep heating until the solvent evaporates , there will only be a think oil left once the solvent has evaporated (should be as thick as room temp honey).

Obviously make sure this is done in a well ventilated area. The heating process will take hours…it will depend on how much your making as to how many hours.

There ya go @peachfuzz

Oh I almost forgot…we use wet leaf matter. I have read that some other methods online use dry material.

Also I should mention that from memory…you need to put the spoons in and then the pot onto the spoons, before putting the water in…other wise the spoons will float and make it difficult to get the pot on them evenly.


Hi @Simo78 and @peachfuzz. I plan to you the method in this YouTube video.

I wasn’t sure if you can use the leaf and trim but from what you guys are saying I can use the whole plant.I’ll kept in touch and let you know how I go. I’m a long way from starting my plants are only tiny.


That seems to be a fairly easy method to make the oil. I am definitely going to save that video for reference in a couple months :slight_smile: