Newbie Growing to make Rick's Oil


Also I should mention I soak the bud or trim for a few days, the strain it n squeeze out the solvent.
Then I use a food warmer to heat n evaporate the solvent over 48 hours…I believe that if it gets to hot during this process you lose some of the intensity.



@Simo78 to my mind at least, for the amount of oil, I though it wouldn’t matter if dry or wet. Given the plant is dead and not feeding whatever is in it dry, should be there when wet.

That’s why I posed the question. As I thought you dry it, so it burns easier. But if making oil your not worried about that.

It’s interesting you saying you have found a diffence in its effects. As it drys and cures its compassion must change. When I get a surplus I’m defo going to run some experiments.

Personally I use a rice cooker to get rid of the alcohol. Giving its low boiling point, even when it’s “boiling” you can stick your finger in it. Before I got the rice cooker I used a (the wife’s) slow cooker, it took longer to get up to “boiling” but doesn’t have the auto warm (cooler) feature so it was easy to over over cook it.

With the slow cooker I always ended up with the same ‘resin’ outcome you have in your photo, with the rice cooker it’s far easier to catch it in a more ‘oil’ form over ‘resin’, which is easier to manage.

I don’t use syringes you suck it up, I will, but doing an oz at a time doesn’t make enough for a small syringe. But it’s makes it easy to poor into a small pot for storage. I leave any residue in the cooker and cook it again next time with the next batch.

Ive found if not in an air tight pot etc, the remainder of the alcohol, that’s keeping it an oil will evaporate and your still left with a resin after a few days. That’s why I want to use a syringe in the future, but I’ll need a good couple of Oz and and the trim I reckon.

One question @Simo78 when you have yours in that resin state how do you take it? My wife being ill she takes a lot of pills any how, so we have forum the easiest way is to dip the tablet into the oil, or later wipe it against the resin, then dip it in something cold to solidify it , and swallow the oil coated tipped tablet. It’s seems to be the cleanest way for both her, and the least effect on contaminating the oil/resin.

When I get in a syringe I’ll just squeeze her dose onto her tablet or straight into a yogurt. For her to take.

You can probably tell she doesn’t like the taste. I actually do. And a good side effect of us finding the oil for her is one she takes under half her prescribed tablets. For her illness, (bowl cancer) half her pain Meds, hardly takes the anti depressants, and cut down on the stress related tablets.

Also a nice side effect for me is, not only is she sleeping better, but me too. Ever since I was in the Royal Marines (16) I’ve not slept, which now getting on to 40 is just plain insomnia (mothers side), for years I’d be awake for 4 days then sleep 18 hours. Now with the oil I sleep at least 4h every night. Well most nights…

If I was to smoke it, I’d could probably sleep 20h every day the stuff just cabbages me. And why I haven’t smoke it more than a hand full of times In the last 25 years. 3 tokes and 30mims later I’m either a sleep or green.

Now that I’m growing a a few strains, well 2 atm, I may start doing some smoke/sleep studies with ones self. Trims some early bud off each strain, and have a little taste. I may come across a strain with early white tricones that give me a gift of a repeatable perfect nights sleep.

At the mo I’m at the being of my home medication journey, and wifey is priority one, bit once I have a surplus, around Xmas, I could do some testing for me.

This is turning into a fun hobby.


Well said @TheDuke

Outta Like Again 3x today! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I started here for the wife and realized soon after that It is working out for me too! haha. I also sleep a lot better and feel a lot better in general!


Just a little bit each night really helps. And you don’t get the munchies of the oil. Or I don’t. The wife does a bit, and the weight is making her look so much better. She was down to 6stone, she is hardly tally at 5’2", bit 6 stone wasn’t good. She is broadly closer to 8.5,and looking all the more for it.

Putting serious illness asides, I’m still note full on board it works for cancers. But it does work for all depressions and stresses that a company such diseases, and let’s not forget the pain relief aspect. It’s worth it just for that.

After reading about this plant, it seems to be linked with curing everything. Personally I think they are all jumping on the wagon. But that’s not to say I don’t believe there is somthing there.

I’m no w going to be taking it for ever on out, to see if it keeps stuff away. Not to mention the sleep it aids me with plus, I too have back pain. Lower 4 disks L2-5, squashed and popes in a marine incident in 2000. So even reducing the meds that have been eating my liver for 20 years couldn’t hurt.

In the US cutting legal drugs down I’d imagine can save you a fortune. Over in the uk that isn’t the case. In Wales all legal drugs are free. In England it’s £7 per item last I checked. So my meds may be free, but they will be slowly killing me non the less.

So a reduction would be great, with the goal of zero if I can grow enough, which should be fine, but it’s could I function under that much oil.

For the last Alma it 10 years I’ve ive been om 200mg of tramadol, 200mg of solphadol and 100mg of gabapentin evey 4 hours. With no side effects to my working day, or driving. My BiL can’t take half of that with out thinking the walls are melting.

I know that is quite alot to “normal” folk, so to get that much pain reducing pixies out the oil, I may be to much to function in my life.

Pre using oil to aid sleep, I’d “nick” the wifes stash, of 7.5mg zopiclone, and 2x 2 Diazipan. It would never work always needed a second zopiclone. This would knock a nor person out for a week. Me, 6hours, and feel shitty the next 6.

Time will tell.


Sorry about the life story. I a bit pissed and it’s 01:00 hear atm.


hahaha brother thats ok. no worries. All good. @TheDuke

Think high CBD the higher the better! Your situation is different in the UK than the US.I live in a legal state but still I find lyself doing a lot of online/ mail order CBD oil and such because the product here is much too high in THC so I wind up mixing it up so that it is at least 4:1 CBD to THC


@Simo78 & thanks man yeah I just learned about doing it wet last night great :+1:t2: information buddy we thank you i’m also out of likes


Can you add something like olive oil to stop it from being so thick?


I got these capsules online…I started putting my does in the capsules…but found that it works quicker when I put the oil straight into my mouth…n wash it down with coffee…also notice that if I washed it down with coke (found that coke took that flavour away very well) it seems to dilute the oil n take away it’s effectiveness!

With my oil I found that it tasted better if I keep it warm until it’s no longer runny…if its runny and there is a bad taste that means not all the solvent is gone.


I’ve noticed my filter is not cleaning the air very well. I have 2 mature plants and the area is very smelly. any suggestion as to what i might be doing wrong.



@bob31 @ @deb1

just a quick update must be getting close to harvest. One of the plants has the leaves starting to yellow.


Still a few white pistols on the second pic… On the first pic she still has many white pistols so she still putting on weight


@meduser getting there! Both are frosty! Very nice! A little more to go!